So, what’s the plan?

So, I got to thinking about how, no matter what I did, I am going to be 60. Well, obviously there is one way I could avoid it but that didn’t seem to provide the best solution!

I really don’t know how I came up with this, but I decided that I wanted to challenge myself over the coming year.

The challenges had to be:

  • cheap (I am an early pensioner!)
  • not involve being away from home (I am a carer)
  • flexible (to deal with any health problems I may have)

After a lot of thought I decided I wanted to do a very long walk, climb something very tall (using stairs!), lift something very heavy and do a challenge involving water in some way.

At this point I sent Darryl a text:

“Can I book an extra session with you for next week? Having finally accepted that I’m going to be 60 (aargh) in just over a year I want to set myself a series of challenges for the next year like walking 1000 miles and lifting the Eiffel Tower! But I need help cos, as always, I’m too ambitious!”

We met up to discuss this and, whilst Darryl’s used to my daft ideas, even he was initially taken aback by this one! Not for long though, and he was soon as enthusiastic as I was!

After much discussion, and laughter, we came up with four targets.

The challenges will start on my 59th birthday and, by the time I am 60 I will have:

  • walked from my house to Lands End, on to John O’Groats and back home
  • climbed Mount Everest
  • lifted a fully laden Boeing 747
  • travelled the length of the River Thames

So, how am I going to do these things bearing in mind the constraints I laid out earlier?

The walking challenge is straightforward but, because of a technical difficulty it turned out to be 1000 kilometres longer than originally thought (Google maps measures in miles not kilometres!) so I’ve decided to allow some cycling. But this will have to be at the gym, I haven’t got a bike, so I can’t freewheel down the hills!

Mount Everest will mainly take place on the cliff steps opposite Leigh-on-Sea station, although other steps will be allowed!

Lifting the plane? Well the actual aim is to lift a million kilograms and that was the nearest thing we could find. How to do it? By adding together every rep I do over the year. Darryl’s working the programs out for me!

Finally, the River Thames. This will be a combination of swimming, running in water (I’m a rubbish swimmer) and rowing.

Not bad eh? Should keep me occupied!

And, I’ll still be having my training sessions with Darryl but these are going to be ‘random’, I’ll have no idea what we’ll be doing each time and the madder the better! He’s also giving me other stuff to do, at the moment I’m reading “The 4 Hour Body”

Hopefully this will make approaching 60 exciting, fun and lunatic! I’ll be posting here about my progress!

Forgot to say, if any of you want to join me in my lunacy, just let me know!!!

9 responses to “So, what’s the plan?”

  1. Brilliant. I would love to follow the progress and take some pictures so that by the end you have loads of stuff recorded to show your friends and family. Will each activity be signed and dated?
    Love you Gill! (Bleeding nutter!) Dawn XXXXXX I WILL see you this Saturday at coffee!

    • LOL! Well the walks will all be on my Garmin (as long as it can stand the pace) and the hrm will record the other ‘dry’ stuff, but you’ll just have to trust me where the water’s concerned unless I get the lifeguards to sign me off. Bearing in mind that my sanity is already in doubt and that I won’t cheat at patience, I think I’ll go with the trust option. After all, I’d only be ‘letting myself down’!!! Join in anything you like though! Meant to put that in, I’ll go back and add it, if I can work out how!

  2. Oh my goodness, how exciting Gill – you are one wacky lady but I love it! I’ll follow you all the way! I will be hitting 40 in January – now I’m thinking I should have done something to mark the end of my 30s other than end them several stones lighter. I will think on what you are doing and see if I come up with anything 🙂 inspiring as always!!!

  3. See if I had looked at the top of your page I would have seen the little arrow that said ‘next’!! Wow what an ingenious way to do all these challenges – well done you – we will be with you all the way – but probably as spectators!!

    Liz xx

  4. Brilliant idea, a really exciting challenge. Best wishes for success – you’ll do it, probably with weeks to spare!


  5. Wow Gill what a way to embrace the sixties I’ll be 50 in 3 years and dreading it all ready.
    Best wishes and I’ll be following your progress
    Sue xxx

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