7 hours to go!

Well the last 24 hours haven’t been the easiest! As I’ve told you, I’m a carer. Got home last night to find my man (all 6’4” of him) sprawled out across the floor surrounded by bits of broken table and in the sort of mess you only get into when you’ve drunk 3 bottles of wine and have been there for God knows how long! Unfortunately this is far from being the first time it has happened and, whilst it would be lovely to think it won’t happen over the next year, I’m not that optimistic!

So, after a lot of difficulty (and quite a bit of unpleasantness) I eventually got him off the floor. I wonder how many kilos I could count that as?

Very tired today and a bit down. Had to have porridge for breakfast because I’d run out of everything else and that added to my feeling awful. But this will pass ……………. And to cheer myself up and help me in my challenges I went out today and bought myself a bike!!!!!

I have not ridden on a bike for 41 years!!!! I’m very tall with very long legs so, after discussion with the very nice man in the bike shop, it was agreed I had to get a man’s bike!

I had a go on one they had in stock, wobbling my way along the pavements. I made sure I bought a helmet (looks daft but I saw what happened to James Cracknell) and asked if it was possible to get an airsuit. My car’s got airbags, I’d like a boiler suit that inflated on impact to protect me. Apparently they don’t exist …… an idea to take to Dragons’ Den? Picking the bike up on Saturday so that’s something to look forward to!

So, tomorrow’s the big day! Here’s my plan. Early night tonight with plenty of sleep. I want to get up very early in the morning and go for a walk before breakfast. Then, off to the gym for my first attempt at my new program (ooooooh!). After that my sister in law (love her) is doing my hair and then I may go to the steps!

Just writing it down is making me excited ……. Bring it on!

4 responses to “7 hours to go!”

  1. Have a lovely day, hope the hairdo is a knockout. You are braver than me getting a bike, I said no when OH wanted me to get one, keep us updated on NC it may encourage me to give it a try this summer. Carol

    Put it on NC too so now you have multiple copies, NC, FB, here. Did I say I had not tried to follow a blog before :-). Carol

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