Day one ……. wow!!!!!

What a day! I was determined to have a good start to my challenges, and I have!

I got up extra early and went for a 7 km walk, got home and had a yummy breakfast, did the ‘birthday things’ then set off for the gym.

My new program is a killer! Thanks Darryl! I hardly ever ache after training, but I do tonight! Think the seated row was the killer …. may have to wear gloves for that one (I know gloves are for wimps) but the handles were slipping from my grasp and if I did drop it there be a hell of a crash!

Well, I did all the resistance part of my program (and an extra set of kettlebell swings) so that came to as grand total of 7180 kg!!!!! I can do this!

Off to the rowing machine next. So there I was, happily trolling along in my own little world when my lovely sister-in-law came out of her class and shouted “Happy Birthday Gill” really loudly whilst pointing at me.Everybody turned and looked and I went scarlet!!!!! So embarrassed but, as I ended up talking to the people around me, it did make the rest of the 2 km less boring!

Good stretch then it was time to hit the pool. Thanks Elsie for walking the 20 lengths with me! I was determined not to get my hair wet as I was going round to the aforementioned s-i-l to have my colour done and didn’t have time to wash it!

Shower, protein shake but no cappuccino ‘cos they’d run out of skinny milk again! Not happy!!! Then had my hair done ….. got rid of all my roots! Thanks!!!!!

Finally off to those steps. Or should I say these steps:

3 trips up them (and 3 back down but they don’t count!) and another walk to bring my day’s total to just over 10 km.

Pleased? Definitely. Tired? Yes!

Going to drink my champagne now, eat a small bar of plain chocolate and probably have a very early night.

Bluewater 4k in the morning (hoping to get there extra early and do at least 2 laps) then a couple of hours of coffee and banter!!! And, when I get home I’ll be walking into town to collect my bike!

Sorry this isn’t very entertaining ……. no energy left!!!!

Night! x

3 responses to “Day one ……. wow!!!!!”

  1. Wow, I’m exhausted just reading your activities today so no wonder your tired! Well done & Happy Birthday again xxxx

  2. you are going to make your last year in your fifties count I can tell. So pleased you had such a great day. Happy Belated Birthday x

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