I wasn’t going to post tonight ……

………. but it’s been an interesting day!

Woke up early to discover that I ached, and I mean really ached, in fact I’m still aching now. Lovely feeling!!!! Proves I worked hard yesterday. I suppose it may also prove that I didn’t stretch as much as I should have afterwards, but I was in a hurry and there’s always next time.

Breakfast then off to Bluewater for the 4K. Ended up having a gentle stroll round chatting to Dawn who’s injured. Nice ‘cos normally I just see her heels disappearing into the distance after about 10 metres. Then off to Coffee Republic for an hour or two, really great crowd of people.

Accepted that I hadn’t done enough so made myself go back outside into the damp, and later rain, to notch up those kilometres. During this walk I discovered that one Werthers Original can last 22 minutes, or over 2 kilometers, not bad huh.

Went into Holland & Barrett on the way home, and this is where the high spot of my day happened. There were two girls outside promoting their weight loss tea, they looked me up and down and didn’t offer me any! Yippee!!!!!!!

Then back home, time to collect my bike πŸ™‚

Ran indoors, said Hi to Ray, grabbed my helmet and walked into town. All the way there I had this strange feeling in my belly, a combination of excitement and …….. fear! After all, I haven’t been on a bike for over 41 years!

Into the shop, and there it was, waiting for me, a beautiful, shiny machine.


After getting the basket fitted and a few last minute instructions off we set, onto the pavement outside. Almost immediately I came across two women who took one look at my face and both burst out laughing. Sort of set the tone for what was to follow.

I wobbled along, sometimes pedalling, sometimes with both feet on the floor like it was one of those old boneshaker bikes. After about 50 yards I decided the saddle needed to be raised, turned round and wobbled my way back to the shop where the very nice men raised the saddle.

OK, let’s try again. Definitely better this time, but those pedals go round so fast and then the bike starts going faster and then I start to wobble and then I ….. stop. So, I get an idea. As you get to know me better you will discover that this is very rarely a good thing. Well you only have to look and see why I’m writing this blog to get a clue about that. Still, back to my idea … change the gears.

My last bike had gears. There were three of them and you operated them by rotating the left hand handle. One made it harder, the centre was ‘normal’ and the third made it easier. Very nice arrangement, very simple and effective.

So is this bike the same? No! This bike has 18 gears, some on the left handlebar and some on the right. OK, time for ‘the idea’. This bike is going far too quickly for my liking, with very little effort, so, let’s make it harder! I seemed to remember that he’d said the bike should be going forward when I changed gear so I pushed off turning both handles like crazy, then I realised I’d gone the wrong way. Tried again, frantically turning them the other way until they were as far as they would go.

To get the full picture of this you have to remember that I was on the pavement of a reasonably busy road with quite a few pedestrians to get in the way. No problem, every time I saw anybody I stopped, both feet firmly planted on the ground, until they’d gone, usually giggling and commenting on L plates and stabilisers!

This time I managed about 100 yards, when I had to accept that I’d done something awful to the chain and the gears, most of the time they didn’t seem to be in contact with each other, so back to the shop, again.

I explained what had happened, the man looked at the bike and said ‘I told you not to touch the gears, I’d put them on a nice easy setting for you.’

I managed to explain that I don’t do easy, that my legs are really strong and that I feel safer when I have to pedal harder. So the left hand gears are now on the highest setting, the right hand ones in the centre and the chain’s now back in position. Off we go again. 100 yards of wobbling along the pavement, stop start, stop start and then I turned into a side road and stayed on the road. This was better, the first time I managed to stay upright for 20 pedal rotations I almost cheered. In fact, if the roads were straight, with no parked cars, no other traffic and no sideways gusts of wind I reckon I could be quite good at this.

The journey home continues, still wobbling but getting more confident all the time. I’m heading towards my last left hand turn (this means stopping cos I don’t do signals yet and there might be other cars) when suddenly, in front of me, is my next door neighbour in his car. Don’t know which of us was most horrified! A quick chat then he left and I managed the whole of my road (slight incline, no traffic and the wind blowing in my face) without stopping once. Definitely time to quit while you’re ahead!

Another first for dinner tonight, venison steaks. Bought them because they were high in protein (Yes D. I have been listening to the Ancesteral Solution) and they were delicious, will definitely have those again.

Another busy day tomorrow ……. wonder what chaos will happen then!

13 responses to “I wasn’t going to post tonight ……”

  1. Me and my neighbour think your an inspiration, but we are not getting a bike yet, even with stabilisers.

  2. Still think you should keep it over the ‘Dark Side’ until you get used to it πŸ™‚

    Bloody funny reading though…thanks for all the warnings about what to expect when you do bring it to Kent πŸ™‚

  3. I was picturing every movement you described lol. Well done, you’ll be whizzing about in no time.
    My daughter has left her bike in our shed for the moment and after one quick hmmmm I decided there it will stay.

  4. Hi ya Gill , just discovered your blog and caught up with the latest , hilarious stuff ! I can see you saying it as I read it , you really should gather some of the highlights for the ” let’s go running magazine ” , I’ll be a keen subscriber to your updates πŸ™‚ ps don’t rush the gears on your bike you’ll soon get the hang of it I’m sure ..

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