Thank you Heather Small!

Well, that’s it. Week one is complete and it’s all green! (If I hadn’t met the targets for the week it would be red)


And I’m ahead of the game, did my weights and rowing at the gym, 12.48 km walk and 2 sets of the steps.

How can I prove to you I’m doing all this stuff? Well I am the woman who won’t even cheat when playing patience. The walks are easy, all mapped by my Garmin. Could show you my HRM graphs, or how about these:

Have to start by saying I do bruise easily.

The photo on the left is a very unflattering one of my right leg. Took me ages to work out how I was getting those bruises, then it came to me, trying to get the barbell round my knees in the deadlift.

The other one is of my right forearm. I should have known better and put on my sweat bands, those are from my kettlebell clean and presses.

Minor incident when rowing today. No I didn’t fall off with my feet still strapped in, I’ve done that before. Today was different. When I’m training I need my music, so I have my iPod in the zip pocket of my belt and my headphones cable goes down my back, inside my top, then plugs into my iPod. Keeps the cable safe and out of the way, or so I thought. So I was happily rowing along when suddenly I came to an abrupt stop and my headphones were ripped from my head. What on earth????? I was stuck, trapped by my headphones cable and the seat wouldn’t move. I managed to work out that the cable had got caught up in the workings of the machine but I couldn’t see to release it.

Although I was right by the desk there were no gym floor staff about, some were dealing with a man who had passed out on the other side of the gym, the others were with a woman who’d dislocated her hip in the changing rooms. Eventually I called one of the trainers who had to help me remove the headphones so I could stand up and move the seat to remove the cable. Job done!

After all that I set off for my walk and did 2 sets of those steps.

Heather Small???? Oh, yes.

Well, as I was heading back to the gym feeling rather pleased with myself, I remembered this week’s ‘random challenge’. The static wall squat for 2:15 minutes. I realised that I would be really angry with myself if I didn’t do it so I worked out my plan.

One of my problems is timing it but realised that I could reset my HRM and use that. I also needed distraction and decided to play Heather Small’s ‘Proud’.

Took up the position and started my watch then got my music going. Don’t know if you’ve ever done this, but it’s not easy! After 1:15 my legs started to burn but I knew that if I gave up it would be even more difficult on a second attempt so I held the position and concentrated on mouthing the words to the song. God knows what the women who were walking on the treadmills thought I was doing, but I don’t care! I did the 2:15 minutes!!!!

Week 2 starts tomorrow and I’m going to try and brave the bike again. Planning to go into town and get a more comfortable saddle, then load the bike in the car and take it to the seafront where there’s a very long, straight cycle path!

Wish the residents of Southend luck!!!









































7 responses to “Thank you Heather Small!”

  1. See now I need you to explain the static squat – is it literally a squat with your back to the wall for 2.5 mins? —- Oww!!

    1. Yes, exactly that for 2 minutes15 seconds!

  2. .ps Wendy = Ladywag

  3. ‘some were dealing with a man who had passed out on the other side of the gym, the others were with a woman who’d dislocated her hip in the changing rooms’

    and looking at your bruises…….

    Are you sure gyms are safe places??! I am def staying in the darkened room with the wine

    Sounds as if you are doing great, scarey but seems all is going to plan xx

    1. I’m having a great time!!!!

  4. Well done meeting your first week targets. You are a brave woman.

  5. Well done, great job (apart from the bruises) Enjoy your bike ride. xx

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