You’re never lonely ………….

………. when you’re a rubbish bike rider!!!

Did what I said, got my bike out today and set off for the cycle shop in town. All going well until I reached the footpath on to the main road (scary) where I met an old lady and decided to use her as an excuse to walk the rest of the way into town. She told me how she used to cycle everywhere until she lost her confidence. I made it absolutely clear that, as I was trying to get some confidence, I did NOT want to know how that happened.

Went into the cycle shop and got a new ‘big’ saddle, a bike rest and a bottle holder fitted.  Got the guy to move my left (rear) brake up to make it easier to reach and reduce the chances of going over the handlebars.

Homewards bound, trying a bit of cycling on the pavement when I meet this old man, and I mean old, on the way into town with his shopping trolley. He looks wistfully at my bike and tells me about the bike he bought in the 1930s for £1/5/-.  He told me how that bike went everywhere with him, even during the war, and that he rode it for thousands of miles. He then said that about five years ago there was an appeal made for old bikes that could be refurbished and sent out to 3rd world countries so he donated his.

I’m not much given to soppy stories but this really touched me and I even felt my eyes well up a bit.

About 10 yards further up the road an old woman stopped me to tell me how she’d never had a bike, wasn’t allowed one growing up by the docks during the war …. Like I said, you’re never lonely!

But this wasn’t getting me anywhere so I jumped onto my bike and pedalled for home, again pedalling furiously when a car started pulling away from the kerb and I thought it might be going my way!

Once home I removed one of the rear seats from the car, popped the bike in and headed for the seafront. Bit more complicated than that but life’s too short!

YES! Straight, flat cycle path. I can do this! Very happy cycling along ….. until someone’s coming the other way, or someone passes me or, even worse, these people have friends. I need loads of wobble room! Where can I get a tabard with L plates on? I need to warn the world that I could be dangerous!!!!

Felt like I looked like the bike equivalent of this picture! I couldn’t make eye contact or smile at anybody although my sound effects seemed to cause some amusement!

Chained my bike up in Southend and went for a coffee. Bumped into one of my old teachers there!

Ended up doing just over 15 km on my bike. Pleased with that. Going to have to go back to the bike shop as I appear to have done something to the gears again. They’re going to get sick of the site of me!

Today I was back on 2 feet, much safer, 19.5 km and 4 sets of those steps! Bring it on!!!!

2 responses to “You’re never lonely ………….”

  1. Well done, glad your making friends! Bless the man donating his bike. Great work with the walking & the steps as well, xx

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