Randomness and rubber tubes

Tuesday was training day so off I set to Club One Hundred to meet Darryl.

Left my car at the gym and walked the 6 km to the studio, well you have to have a warm up.

Spent the first part of the session going over my progress so far, exceeding all my targets at the moment, YES!!!!!!!!

Now you may remember that, in addition to:

  • climbing Everest
  • walking / cycling to Lands End, John o’Groats and back home
  • swimming / rowing the River Thames
  • lifting a fully laden 747 (1,000,000 kg)

because that obviously isn’t enough, Darryl is setting me a random challenge each week. Last week was to perform the static squat for 2 minutes 15 seconds – ACHIEVED.

What would it bring this week? Getting up close and personal with a rubber tube, that’s what.

Perhaps I’d better explain, this particular rubber tube is called a ViPR.

They come in different weights and can be used for a wide range of exercises. My challenge was not to put the ViPR down throughout the session.

Darryl had mentioned we’d be doing this at some point. I’d meant to take some bungees with me to tie the ViPR on in case it was this week but I forgot and they wouldn’t have helped anyway!

I’ve trained with the ViPR before, but never as intensely. The different things he wanted me to do with it!!!!!!! Some of them I’d done before, others were new. I wasn’t even allowed to put it down to have a drink, it had to come with me tucked under my arm.

So, while I’m working away, sweating buckets, my personal photographer oops, trainer, is taking photos of me.


Hope you like the random scattering of the photos, all deliberate …. NOT! 

I did ask him if he could airbrush out my belly, but he reckons the next year of exercise may do that!

Much as I enjoyed this session, it wasn’t as good as my favourite ever session which also involved a ViPR, in the snow! If you follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wOPqGnnMNM&context=C49fe7b6ADvjVQa1PpcFPsx61O4rxq7fhFIGFVJ58-1r8Bi0sb6bs= you should be able to see me ‘threading the needle’. Nearest I get to sewing! But I was also able to throw it, push it and do all sorts of other things with it. FANTASTIC FUN!!!


So, we reach the end of week 2, and I am still on target.

The bruises are starting to fade, once I’d worked out where I was getting them from I knew what I was doing wrong and was able to correct it!

More bike riding has been happening and I haven’t fallen off yet.

No more rowing machine accidents (can’t remember if I told you about that).

Ray’s only had one really bad drunken fall this week, tips on how to get blood out of carpets would be gratefully received.


I have got so many things I want to write about but I’m having difficulty finding the time! I’ll try and post another ‘episode’ as soon as possible!!!!

Thanks for reading this.



8 responses to “Randomness and rubber tubes”

  1. Loving the updates! Of course they confirm my worst fears…. I have an e mail/Facebook/messaging/word playing friend who is quite mad 😉

    Keep them coming

    Val xxx

  2. Well done on another fab week, you’ll have beaten your targets by 59 1/2 yrs at this rate! xxx

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