Week 3 progress report

Week 3 is now complete, well it will be in 14 hours, and I am on target!

So, how’s it been going?

Climbing Everest – only did 6 sets of the steps this week. I was ahead of schedule so that was fine. Had a couple of woozy turns on the steps, did wonder if it might be because the air quality was decreasing as I got higher ….. but the response I got indicated that perhaps it was more likely to be due to not having eaten enough!

Lands End – I’m still on my way and still on target. Can’t believe that I’ve cycled just over 19 km this week and that I, and everybody else, are still in one piece! I’m beginning to get the hang of the gears a bit better now which means that I don’t have to stop as often to sort the chain out. I’m also starting to use the roads a little more, but there is one major problem. I can’t even let go of the handlebars to scratch my nose, my hand gets half way there and then panics and returns to the handle. This makes signalling rather difficult, so I talk to the car drivers! Seems to work with those who are facing me. Funny how they all seem to be very good lip readers, or could it be that they are just excellent at interpreting non verbal communication from my rather over expressive face! Anybody behind me had just better watch out!

I continue to thoroughly enjoy my walking. Not surprising when there are beautiful places locally and the weather has been perfect.


The River Thames is also on target, I’m almost getting to enjoy the rowing machine and it hasn’t yet tried to kill me again!

Finally, the weights. My favourite part! Have to say that this program is still challenging me after 3 weeks, but I am really enjoying it! Bruises are fading and reducing as my technique improves as well.

Bit grey and cold today 😦 but the forecast’s good so looking forward to getting out there.

BTW, on Saturday I’m going to my neighbour’s 90th birthday party, who thinks 60 will be old????

4 responses to “Week 3 progress report”

  1. You’re really looking the part on the bike. Anyone would think you’ve always cycled. Well done on being ahead of schedule & enjoy the birthday party xxx

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