Why is it so difficult to eat what I want?

Eating at home is easy, so are packed lunches, but eating when I’m out and about’s a nightmare.

“Why?” I hear you ask. Every town centre, shopping precinct, place of interest etc. is littered (ha ha) with places to eat.

Let’s take Lakeside Shopping Centre as an example (other shopping centres are available) http://www.lakeside.uk.com/Dining/Food-court

Loads of places you can eat, right? Well there may be for you, but not for me. I choose not to eat starchy carbs. It is a choice, it’s not because I have a medical condition that dictates what I eat (feel really sorry for those people) but I try to stick to it because I feel so much better for doing so.

Anyway, that means I don’t eat bread, potatoes, pasta, rice etc. Now look at what’s available, can you see my problem?

It’s not that I don’t want to eat, I love food and I’m willing to pay for it, but nobody wants my money!

I eat meat. I eat fish. I eat vegetables. I eat fruit. I eat nuts.

So why is it so difficult? Why does everything have to be wrapped in some type of bread or served with potatoes or rice. Why can’t you have part of what’s on the menu, not the whole thing? Why can’t I just buy healthy food?

I like going out for a coffee (yes I know that’s not ‘healthy’ but I never said I was perfect!) and would like something to eat with it. What is there? Sandwiches, wraps, muffins, biscuits ….. need I go on? I end up sitting in a corner eating a small packet of fruit and nuts, or seeds that I carry in my bag.

I would buy food in these places if only they would sell stuff that I eat!!!!!

There’s a small cafe I go to where, if they have the ingredients, they will cook me whatever I want. Well done them, they deserve to do well in these difficult times because they are providing the customer with what they want, not pre-prepared stuff.

Mary Portas has taken on the shops, wonder if she’d like to take this up next!

6 responses to “Why is it so difficult to eat what I want?”

  1. This is very true Gill. Quite a few places do sell nice salads though.

  2. I know exactly what you mean – I am sick of being bombarded by food which is unhealthy and calorie laden. It is no wonder that so many of our young people are heading towards obese! Yes, we need to get Mary Portas on board…

  3. If I went there I wouldn’t know where to start. I agree you should be able to ask for just part of the meal. That can’t be too difficult for them surely.

  4. Not just me then!!!! x

  5. I used to have a restaurant – I did Front of House my partner was chef. We had an A La Carte Menu a(which I devised) that -( including Starters and Desserts) had over 100 items on it – 30 of which were vegatarian.
    When people came in and I gave them a menu – I often used to say “think of it as a gudeline – not a menu” because we were a “proper” independant restaurant with a “real” chef – if we had the ingredients in you could pretty much have whatever you wanted, and chef would be delighted to have something different to do. (We weren’t fantastically expensive or anything either – but we didn’t do huge meals for £5.95!!!!!)
    BUT .. most people would not ask for things to be amendend because they thought that they were being “awkward” and the staff would “dislike” them for it!!
    The places in the shopping centre are usually chains – have their stuff delivered already made up (and costed to the exact penny ) and they dont have Chefs – they have “ping” cuisine – if it can be done in a microwave it can be on the menu – therefore they have no flexibility.
    More independant cafe’s and restaurants would be lovely – I would happily order exactly as i wanted and pay for the privelage!! But these days most people just don’t want to pay for what they get!!

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