Bank Holiday – Easter Monday 2012

Woke up to a beautiful sunny day, I wish! Dark, gloomy, windy and wet. Well what do you expect?

Still, I had planned what I was going to do and I wasn’t going to let a bit of bad weather stop me.

The plan was: 10 km walk, 4 x those steps and pop in at the gym for a 2 km row.

Think I’ll let the photos do most of the talking here!

Image            Image            Image

As you can see – windy!                                Some different steps.                               The seafront should have been packed.


 Image              Image     

When I returned the tide was in & they were flying!                Southend Shakedown – shame about the weather.


Image          Image            Image


Image           Image

Leigh Old Town, another place that should have been packed.


Image                                 Image

 Part way up, these are done ……………………………………………………………. these are still to go.


Mission accomplished and exceeded. 17 km walked, 5 sets of steps climbed and 2 km rowed.

Only negative point, the gym had no skinny milk, AGAIN! Really winds me up when there are 2 supermarkets they could go to to get some!


Oops, can’t see how to preview this so I’m just going to have to publish and hope for the best!












8 responses to “Bank Holiday – Easter Monday 2012”

  1. Tired me out just thinking about all that excercise. Well done Gilly. By the way what is 17km in old english miles?

  2. It’s a shame the weather was so bad when people had the day off & a lot of businesses must have missed out on a lot of trade. Well dine on doing the steps in the rain. The gym is terrible not having skinny milk, why do they keep running out, silly things xxx

    • Yes. I felt so sorry for all the people who’d given up their time to organise the Shakedown (Mods and Rockers). Should have been packed, but, as you saw, it wasn’t!

  3. Well done you – it was such a horrid day so it makes your motivation even more astounding xxx

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