Nhi hao. Wo de ming zi shi Gill Castle.

Week 4 is now complete, I’m still on target and, more importantly, still enjoying all of my challenges.

By now you all know what my main 4 challenges are (if you’re new to my blog have a look back at my earlier posts, or wait ……. I’m bound to tell you again!) but, do you remember that Darryl is setting me a ‘random’ challenge each week?

If you live near me you may have seen some weird woman wandering about, or even wobbling about on her bike, muttering to herself. If you’d got close enough to hear you’d have wondered what unintelligible rantings were going on.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

On Friday 28th March I had the following text conversation:

D: Right!!!! I know it’s early but I dnt wanna 4get. Are u ready to receive next week’s random goal?

G: Yes!

G: Well????????

D: Are u sure?

G: LOL I’m so knackered already ….. Bring it on!!!!

G: It’s not the Wall of Death on my bike is it?

G: Or even a road?

D: Well you know how I said it’s gonna be random ……..

D: This is so random

D: ……………..

G: I’m sitting here laughing!

G: What?????

D: U will be in a sec!

G: Hurry up!!

G: Come on!

G: WHAT?????????

D: Well the whole challenge is about mind and body and growing and improving as a person!

D: Lol

G: Oh God I haven’t got to be nice to anybody have I?

D: By our next challenge I want you to learn how to say ‘hello my name is Gill Castle, and this is my year of challenges’

D: In Mandarin!!!!

D: !!!!!

G: That is SO random!

D: I know but it will help you grow as a person to learn something new!

G: How am I going to get Ray to understand this one? He’s functioning at concrete operational!

G: I love it! I’ll end up muttering it as I stride around Southend. People already think I’m mad!!!!

D: Lol. This is your challenge if u choose to accept it!

D: Random is key to keeping this year fresh!

G: Hee hee hee. I accept. It’s brilliant!!!!! Off to tell Ray! Ha ha ha. Thanks!

D: No worries, I thought u would like!

G: I do! Ray doesn’t have a clue why I’m giggling like a loony. He just doesn’t get it, mind you I’m not sure how many people will!!!!

D: Doubt anyone will, but do we care???

G: Not at all. Love it.

G: Time to ask Facebook!

So what has Facebook got to do with it? Remember I taught for ever in Deptford so …….

Thanks girls!!!!

So, as predicted, I spent the next week wandering / wobbling about, muttering to myself. But how to know if anybody could understand me?

Last Saturday morning I was, as usual, at Bluewater. I decided I needed to check it out!

After building up my courage I walked into the shop, up to the lady, smiled apologetically and said:

Nhi hao. Wo de ming zi shi Gill Castle.

and she understood me!!!!!!!!!

Trained with Darryl yesterday and managed to chant the whole thing. Have to admit the second part was only lodged in my (very) short term memory but hopefully this challenge will help me remember my name for a bit longer, if only in Chinese!

Training yesterday? That challenge was ten 3 minute rounds of boxing. Haven’t done boxing for ages because my shoulder had been playing up and then I moved on to these challenges. I loved it, sweat was dripping off me. I used to say ‘I don’t sweat’. I was wrong, I should have been saying ‘I don’t do enough to make myself sweat!’

So, do you get it? Can you understand why I / we are doing all this stuff?

Please take a moment to answer my poll!

14 responses to “Nhi hao. Wo de ming zi shi Gill Castle.”

  1. I think you are both mad in a lovely way!

    I understand lots of things but also know you are challenged enough without going looking for more and exhausting yourself.

    Love the way he threw the random challenge in, but I still think your both mad 😉

    Val xx

  2. Oh Val, the random stuff is fun! As you know I train with D once a fortnight. We’ve now changed how we work so that I never know what I’m going to do in those sessions until I arrive (got to whisper this bit, I hope I never see those bloody cones again!). In the alternate weeks he sets me a random challenge to do on my own this was this week’s one.

    I already know what my next one is, went out this morning to try and get the equipment but no luck yet!

  3. I understand your year of challenges and I also think you are a tad barmy but, so what! I think being slightly eccentric is fab and as you approach the great age of 60 (I’m nearly 61) being off the wall is the only way to be. With you all the way, Gill.
    Susan (aka Flowergirl)

  4. Would have been great if one of the options on the poll had been. Understand why you are doing it, but still think you’re a bit mad ha ha.

  5. You are prob going to be cycling around in scuba diving gear or something equally as mad or maybe extreme ironing hanging from a church spire 😉

  6. “Nhi hao. Wo de ming zi shi Maggik” is that right.

    Well I do understand why you are doing this but I think you are crazy, but I so envy your get up and go.

    Good luck with your next random challenge. I really don’t think you should ever let Val decide what it is to be lol x

  7. That is what I call LIVING !!!!!!

    (but make sure you don’t kill yourself in the process, ha ha!) xx

  8. Hee hee hee, enjoying all of this.

    Val, you can make up as many challenges as you like for me, and I will do them all – AS LONG AS YOU DO THEM WITH ME!!!!!!

    Ironing? Can it ne done with a kettlebell????


  9. I think I understand why you are doing it, but dont think that when you actually hit 60 your actually gonna be old cos you aint. Your as old as you feel, have you felt yourself lately.

    Enjoy each and every day in this life, its precious so GO FOR IT whatever turns you on.

  10. I thought it was your only as old as the man you feel! That’s where we’ve been going wrong all these years, we need to trade the boys in!

    I don’t think any of us will really understand exactly why your doing this but we do think your fab. xx

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