London Marathon Expo

No, I’m not running the marathon. Well, not this year. Well, the answer’s more likely to be no, never. But I may walk it, I want to walk it, and maybe even run a little bit.

But I digress …….

Yesterday I went to the Expo where all the runners have to go to register and where there are lots of stalls full of things to buy!

I was meeting friends there and decided to park at the gym and walk the 5 km to the station. Very happily marching along in the rain when I came to a junction where a car was waiting to turn left into the traffic. I paused, the driver looked directly at me and, because there was solid traffic I started to cross in front of her. When I was halfway across a car flashed it’s lights to say he’d let her out so she drove straight at me! I yelled, she paused, then drove at me again! I ended up half on her bonnet shouting at  her to stop when she saw me and started shouting at me telling me the other driver had told her to go.

What is it with people? Why can’t they just say sorry any more?

About a year ago I was running in the woods when this woman’s dog chased me, cut in front of me tripping me up so I ended up spreadeagled on the floor (my knee has never recovered). The woman saw me and asked what had happened. I told her and she laughed saying ‘Oh yes, he does that to me at home.’ I suggested she should, therefore, keep a better eye on him when she had a right go at me telling me that the woods are for dogs and that I had ***** eyes and that I should use them.

What is it with people? Why can’t they just say sorry any more?

But I digress ……

Made it to the station in one piece and arrived at the Expo without getting lost. Pretty unheard of for me …. and better than my friends did!

While I was waiting for them I had my body ‘analysed’ on the InBody machine.

Now, whilst I have my reservations about what these machines can do, I did quite like these bits. Like might be the right word though because it might just be that I like what they say!

Anyway this shows (I think) that I have more muscle than normal in my arms and my right leg, whilst my left leg and trunk are ‘normal’ ……. about the only bit of me that is ……

Pleased with this because I love muscles and, at the moment, I can really see my shape changing and my muscles toning. Love it and I get so excited when I spot a new one!

Moving on to the segmental fat 😦  

Actually I’m really pleased with this too as it bears out what I thought …. the belly’s the problem!

And finally … the fitness score

Now I’d like it to be higher …… but as the super fit, young, trainer there had a score of 91 I’ll accept this as a starting point.

And one day I’ll show you where I started from ……….

And tomorrow I’ll tell you about what I bought ………

4 responses to “London Marathon Expo”

  1. Unbelievable…. so she was flashed at to go and that gave her the right to try and run you over!

    I wait to see what you bought….

    Val x

    • My sister once went when a van driver flashed her to go! Unfortunately – as he was blocking her view – she couldn’t see th car that hit her as she pulled out – although he undoubtedly could!!! (and he didn’t say sorry either!)
      Moral is – trust your own eyes and make your own mind up when it is right/safe to pull out, oh and of course – pedestrians don’t just float away just because you want to go! Glad you weren’t hurt!!

  2. Really interesting as usual – thanks for your blog – when you posted about being thrown over a bonnet of a car I thought you were cycling!! Even so what a horrid thing to happen and such utter rudeness.

    Great results from your muscular and fitness tests – I still don’t know how to get rid of the belly fat – I really do try!!! Food, exercise all ways but no it just still wants to wobble away – albeit much much less than it was so I guess maybe we just have to accept!!!

    Anyway – well done and I look forward to hearing about what you bought – or have I already seen them!!! xxx

  3. To be fair to the driver, I have actually been guilty of doing a similar thing. But the difference was that I was mortified, leapt out of the car and couldn’t stop apologising.

    I do know how to say sorry!

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