London Marathon 2012

I went and watched, for the first time ever, which is a bit embarrassing as I used to live very close and the school I taught at has run a drinks station every year since it started.

But I’ve finally been and I had a great day!

Set off really early and, when I was waiting for the train I was joined by a new friend:

Meet Puff and his alter ego! (I never found out his or his girlfriend’s names but they were lovely people.)

Very enjoyable journey to the start enjoying the reactions of the other travellers.

“Have you run in it?”


“How far?”

“Two miles”

LOL you should have seen their faces!

He’d taken Puff to the gym the day before and done a circuits class, I’d have loved to have seen that!

Anyway, after negotiating the train, the tube and the DLR we all arrived safely at Blackheath where Puff came to life and I could tell he’d be fast!

But Puff had given me an idea ……. Try on heads! So ………



You only have to ask!!!!

Managed to meet up with my friends remarkably easily considering the number of people that were there. Apparently I’d been described as ‘very tall and probably dressed in black’. Spot on!

Here’s a few of them. They’d all run a marathon the previous week!

We watched the start on the heath and then made our way through the crowds, onto the packed DLR and arrived at mile 17.

By this time the fastest runners had gone through but I could not believe how quickly the runners were going and that they had already done 17 miles!!!!!! Respect!!!

We stood watching for hours, shouting names out and encouraging the runners. I haven’t shouted like that since I stopped teaching, delighted to find that I’m still good at it and I’ve still got a voice today!

Saw two guys running in bare feet (not even Vibrams) and three Ninjas with just bandages on their feet!

Two men dribbing hockey balls and a girl running and hula hooping at the same time (no idea how she could do that!)

Some of the costumes were fantastic …. or should that be fantasy???

Two guys were running in mankinis:

One man was having to negotiate the trees with the Blackpool Tower:

And my personal favourite:

Yes, we did see Puff again, and we all shouted so loudly he definitely saw us. Judging by the way he was jumping about he was having a great time!

All five of my friends who were running completed the course with very good times. Well done all of you, looking forward to seeing the medals at coffee on Saturday!

Have you ever done a Marathon?

Would you?

I’m thinking again ………….


9 responses to “London Marathon 2012”

  1. Great story. Seems like loads of fun!
    Les Slinn (in his Rhino costume you tried on) ran the same 10k I did last month in that costume: the Slinn Allstars photo in your post!!
    He’s from Swindon and runs the very inspiring Slinn Allstars running club: very popular. 🙂
    Some very impressive costumes there and all very inspiring people! Wahoo!

    • He was such a nice guy. He was telling me about their plans to get married at Everest base camp.

      Such a small world, fancy you knowing him!

  2. It’s such a great day out isn’t it, I love it. The head trying on is a great idea! The costumes were fab.

    I’ve never run a marathon, although I have tried jogging a couple of times & don’t enjoy it at all! It just feels so poundy! Is that even a word! Maybe I’m just being too heavy footed!

    Good on you for going & cheering,runners always say the crowd make a big difference by cheering them on!

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