So what did I buy?

First some background.

My trainer has been wearing these for three years.

For three years I have laughed at him and said how foul they are.

For three years I have told him that I have silly tiny toes and they would not fit.

We are both always right!

I am right. They are really weird.

So, when I was at the Expo and saw they had a stand there I decided to try them on so that I could prove I was right.

They took a long time to put on, the man was very patient, but once they were on …………. oops. They were very, very comfortable.

They had trays of grass, pebbles and bark you could stand in to see what they felt like.

Barefoot, with shoes on, if you know what I mean. And I love being barefoot.

Now I am not a girl who has loads of pairs of shoes. You’ve probably guessed that! But I had to buy them!

Put them on as soon as I got home and didn’t want to take them off!

Since then I’ve trained in them, even better than bare feet, the grip is amazing. And I’ve been for a 5 km walk and they were amazing, going to build up gradually to longer distances!

BTW, my silly toes don’t reach the ends!

Either that or they’re an even stranger shape than I thought!

BTW if you are a parent of a child at Deane’s school and they came home on Friday talking about some strange woman walking along the road in very weird shoes ……….. now you know what they were talking about!

I love my Vibrams, but we were both right, they are weird! I know there will be comments at training on Thursday though, I’ve already had ‘Can’t believe it took you so long’!

 Would you wear them? They come in loads of colours and styles!



7 responses to “So what did I buy?”

  1. I am cringing at the thought of my toes been separated 😉 so no….. we won’t be having those in the darkened room

  2. I quite like the thought or these -as I also love to be barefoot, you can actually wear them for walking outdoors?

    • I’ve done a 5 km walk in them so far. Left heel was a tiny bit site afterwards. Sore’s really an exaggeration, I was just aware of it.
      You do walk differently though, more on the ball of your feet and your toes.
      And you can put them in the washing machine!

  3. You’re right they do indeed look weird, but i would have tried them on too. Not sure that I would buy them off the net though in case I didn’t like them . Can’t stand having to send things back.

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