Small print matters.

Always listen really carefully to the exact words of any challenge. I suppose they are a bit like the fine print of a contract.

Today was the day where I had to evidence my progress in my random challenge to Darryl. So I parked my car at the gym and set off, in heavy rain, for the 6 km walk to ‘Club One Hundred’.


As I took these little beauties out of my rucksack I had to admit that it was the first time one of them had come out of the packet!

I tried to look confident and nonchalant. Well, actually, no I didn’t. Darryl already knew, as did many other people, that I’ve spent most of the last two weeks trying to master ONE ball! And that was using two hands!

My brother has informed me that that isn’t actually juggling and that the correct name for it is ‘catch’. Well, whatever it’s called I’m not very good at it.

My sister in law can juggle, properly, with three balls, or apples, or satsumas, and had shown me what to do ……. and I did have a go, more than one actually.

So the secret appears to be to start by holding two balls in one hand. Throw up ball A, throw up ball B, catch and throw ball A, catch and throw ball B. Repeat ad infinitum.

Here’s how it went for me:

  • two balls in my right hand, throw up ball A …. ball B goes too, neither get caught!

After lots of practice I progressed to:

  • two balls in my right hand, throw up ball A, throw up ball B, occasionally catch ball A, usually get hit on the head by ball B, drop my balls, squat or lunge to pick them up.

Now, I know Darryl. He is very keen on squats and lunges and he can disguise them in many, many different ways. Was this a cunning plan?

Apparently not! It really was the juggling that was the focus.

Ah, but remember what I said about the fine print. The challenge was ‘to try and juggle’. Well, I did try! And I’ve kept my balls and I will keep trying!

Then I was set my challenge for the next two weeks, back to fitness I’m pleased to say. OMG the old me would have never thought like that!

So, it’s a gym challenge to be done 3 or 4 times before we train next and my best time will be recorded …. for me to try and beat later in the year.

What to do?

Gym Challenge

Row 1000m
DB squat to press @4kg x20
Bike 2000m
KB walking lunges @2x8kg x1 lap
X-trainer 500m
Assisted Pull ups @ 70kg x 20
Treadmill 1500m

Total Time =

On top of my program, and my walking etc. Love it!!!!

6 responses to “Small print matters.”

  1. Well done with the “trying” to juggle. That challenge – on top of all the other stuff! I need a lie down just reading it!!!

  2. Well done on achieving that challenge then ;). Good luck with the next one my legs are aching just reading that list. x

  3. Love it, I laughed out loud at the juggling ball hitting you on the head, this is exactly what happens to me whenever I try & juggle. I’d love to be able to do it & have a try every so often but to no avail! Good luck with the next mini challenge. xxx

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