Comparisons don’t work!

Well we all know that, don’t we? I’ve thought about this a lot this week

Firstly I had a discussion with my 18 year old rugby playing nephew about weights:

H: squat-115; Clean-80; Push press-80; Bench-90

Me: Well done you. That’s awesome! I am ever so slightly (well a hell of a lot really) jealous!!! xxx

H: Hahah so you should be! Get in the gym and lift!! 🙂 x

Me: LOL!!!I’ll have you know I’ll be doing my 40 kg deadlifts tomorrow!!!!

H: pussyyyyyyyyy man up and go big 🙂

Me: Aaarrrrhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I keep eating spinach!!!! xxx

H: Erhh spinach is grim.. Just eat protein

Me: I eat loads of protein. Steak for breakfast, ham for lunch, 2 chicken breasts for dinner ……. Popeye ate spinach!

Why would I be competing with him?

Then I’m doing those steps ….. 8 times!

Now D. trains himself on these and leaps up them, bottom to top, in seconds. Can’t remember how many but I’ll add a note when I find out. He hops down them, two foot jumps up etc. etc. etc.

Why would I be competing with him?

Two years ago I trained on these a lot and eventually I could run from the bottom to the top …. just about! Now, after the first set, I tend to pause part way for a breather.

BUT two years ago I drove to the steps, ran up them a couple of times then drove away. Now I drive to the gym, train for about an hour, walk the 6 km to Leigh, do the steps then go for a long walk!

So I can’t compare myself to myself because I’m doing different things!

 I can, however, compare my progress on my current programmes so it’s time to stop writing this and get my arse to the gym and maybe out for a walk!

2 responses to “Comparisons don’t work!”

  1. But you can compare level of exercise in the old days – none, & level of exercise now – loads.

    Or to me, you’d beat me in all the lifting, bench presses, squatting, pushing, etc.


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