I am buzzing!!!!

Two months in ……. and what a week it’s been!

Time to get back to reporting on my progress towards my original goals!

Firstly the random challenges, and they sure have been random!

  • 2 mins 15 secs static squat √
  • training session not putting ViPR down √
  • learning ‘My name is Gill Castle & this is my year of challenges’ in Mandarin √
  • training session – 10 x 3 minute boxing rounds √
  • try to juggle √ (well I did try!)
  • training session – speed & agility alternating with ViPR √

Last week was the gym fitness challenge; that was hard! The most difficult part was going from a 2 km bike ride straight into a lap of the gym doing walking lunges with 2x8kg kettlebells. Ouch! And then onto the crosstrainer …. Seven activities and I managed to get the time down to 41 minutes 28 seconds. Very pleased with that, except I’m going to have to try and beat it later in the year.

This week we had the ‘sand’ challenge. We trained outside. Hooray, hooray. I love training outside! Running and walking down to the beach (to touch the sand) pausing to use ‘street furniture’ for pull ups, push ups, dips, squats and lunges. We haven’t done that for a long time and I was amazed at how much stronger I am now. When we used to do dips from the bench I’d be wanting to stop after a few but now I can keep going and, apparently, my range is better too!

When we got to the sea wall I had to stand on it and do squats and lunges. Now you can see the wall isn’t very high …. on this side! But it’s quite a drop on the other side and I’m still a bit of a coward so it was scary! I hadn’t run for a long while either but I enjoyed it which was a good job because …….

……. I had a race booked for Saturday! D. knew this and knew I only planned to walk it but after he’d snuck running into training I had to have a go! Met up with my ‘running friends’ at Bedgebury Pinetum, beautiful place. Now this run is very well organised with lots of signs and marshalls. So how did I get lost? Who knows, it could only happen to me. But I would not cheat and ended up going in the opposite direction to everybody else, trying to cover my number up as if it was the most natural thing in the world! In the photos below the top route was the correct one! Had a fantastic day with lots of freebies!


So how are the MAIN challenges going? Pretty well, I’m on target with all of them.

I’ve climbed 5,147 feet (which is higher than Mount Snowdon)

I’ve rowed / waded 60 km (over 37 miles)

I’ve lifted 178,240 kg (over 28,000 stones)

But most of all, and the reason I’m so happy and proud of myself ………

…………. I have reached Lands End!!!! In two months I have walked / cycled 515 km. Quick conversion …. I walked 286.4 miles and cycled 35.6.

I can’t quite believe I’ve done this, but I have!

Onwards and upwards to John O’Groats …… it does look a long way away ……. but I’m not going to let that stop me!!!!

10 responses to “I am buzzing!!!!”

  1. Hi Gill , well done you seem to be so energized about all your challenges and of corse that’s a great thing because I think any kind of exercise is just what we all need especially in these gloomy times , you feel so much better afterwards and wasn’t that a great weekend … Ps like the pics x

  2. 🙂 call in to see me at Fort William….. you will be able to climb the Ben while you are here…. It is a shame you are not really on the road as I would have def gone out of my way to meet you xx

    Val x

  3. This time you’ve left me speechless and in awe. You are such a brave determined person. You really deserve amedal. Keep up the good work

    Maggi x

  4. Wow, fantastic achievements. I can’t believe you’ve reached lands end already, onwards & upwards. The photos are great. Well done on all the outside training looks like fun (not for me, but for you!) It’s so funny that you managed to get lost on the run, your route looks good though! xxxxxxx

    • LOL Linds, like I’d have thought it was for me! Got to say Lands End suprised me too! Long way ahead of me now ……. x

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