If Dame Kelly Holmes can do it ……

Since ‘arriving’ at Lands End last Wednesday I’ve been feeling a bit down. I’d pushed myself hard to get there but John o’Groats seems such a long way off ………….. probably because it is!

I know there are some people who look to me for inspiration, but what do I do when this happens?

I started by giving myself a couple of days off. Saturday I set off for Bluewater, but arrived to see the others leaving the start, I was just too late and I needed no encouragement to stay and chat to Clare rather than setting off as I should have done! Went and enjoyed coffee with the others then popped into Go Outdoors on the way home where I met Kirstein who was getting a bike for her birthday. This started me thinking about getting my bike out.

Sunday I went to the gym, did a bit of weights (halfheartedly) and some rowing.  Drove to Leigh to have a go at those steps, did them once and gave up. This was not good!

Back to the car, drove along the seafront thinking about the bike. Back to Leigh, parked the car and headed towards Costa where I was planning cappuccino and a large slice of self pitying cake, when I heard “Gill!” It was Darryl, my trainer, having lunch with a friend. Oops.

He then introduced me as one of his most successful clients. Double oops. Explained I hadn’t done very well the last few days, he said ‘Never mind, your car’s about 7 miles away’. Well it usually is, I leave it at the gym and go for my walk. But it wasn’t. It was 100 yards away. Triple oops!

Into Costa’s. I’d gone off the cake (hooray!) but I did have a couple of biscuits …… and a think. Felt a bit ashamed of myself and that I was letting him down. Started to think more positively (he always has that effect), the bike may be the answer ………..

So, drove home and got the bike out of the garage to go for a short ride and see how I got on. I was MUCH better than the last time I tried. 5 km later on, admittedly nearly empty, roads I was starting to think I could do it.

Fast forward to this morning, sitting having breakfast (pork fillet, onions, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes & squash) watching TV where Will Smith was being interviewed. I like Will Smith. He was asked what his biggest bug bear was, after some discussion he said it was people who start things but do not finish them when there is no good reason why they shouldn’t. Another oops. When I started on these challenges I said that I wanted to do things that I would only fail at through lack of committment. I’m on week 10 and I’m wobbling? Get that bike out!

So, bike is loaded into the car and off we head to the seafront. Park up, on the bike and off I go.

I’m even better than last night and I’m enjoying myself. I don’t even stop completely when there are bikes coming the other way on the cycle path and sometimes I was able to keep cycling at the same pace as they went past, although I was chanting ‘Keep calm, it’ll be fine, keep calm, it’ll be fine’ to myself. And it was!

I’d originally aimed to do 25 km, but, as I rode along my brain was wandering about thinking. It does that a lot, more so on the bike as I need all my senses so I don’t wear my headphones.

I was thinking about a post I’d read on Twitter. Dame Kelly Holmes had said she’d been on a 20 mile bike ride. Well, if she can do that so can I!

 (Please remember that I’m not at all competitive!)

So a bit of mental maths later, the bike was turned round and off I set again. Back to the pier, some side roads, back to the car. 34.87 kilometres (21.66 miles), that’ll do!

Feeling quite proud of myself I came home to write my blog. I needed to find Dame Kelly’s tweet…….

After quite a while I did:

Kelly Holmes Fitness (@KHfitness)
20/05/2012 20:06
Nice 18mile cycle today. Inspired to get out after watching the Manchester 10km. What did you do today?

She did 18 miles, not 20 as I remembered. I did 21.66 miles. I beat Dame Kelly Holmes!!!!!!!

Good job I’m not competitive!

 So what am I wittering on about this time?


It’s out there, you just have to look for it.

Darryl is my main source of inspiration, he knows me so well and knows exactly which buttons to press to get me back on track.

But the other ones link back to my earlier post about Positive Mental Attitude.

I will have seen, heard and read loads of stuff in the last 24 hours but the Will Smith and Kelly Holmes quotes were the ones that stayed with me and spurred me on.

I will meet my targets!!!! (So I’d better get my arse dow those steps tomorrow!)

8 responses to “If Dame Kelly Holmes can do it ……”

  1. We all have an off day or a wobble – (I am one massive wobble at the moment!) But well done to you (and Darryl, Will and Kelly) for pulling it back!! Huuurrraahhhh!! xxxx

  2. Of course you WILL, Gill! You’re a great example and inspiration! Thank you for writing this blog!

  3. Well done on a brilliant bike ride.

    Your bound to have the odd wobble it is a year long task after all. Good to find the things that give you inspiration to hang on to & call upon during the wobbly times, on & off the bike!

    Your doing fantastically well xx

    1. LOL Linds, definitely wobbling on the bike, but less than I was!
      I’m now sure there’s something wrong with the gears, it’s more than just the ‘Gill’ effect so I’ll be popping back to the shop ……. again!

  4. Hi , Gill
    Sticking at things is one of my plus points and I haven’t got many !! But I’ve learnt over the years that the disappointment of failure is far far worst than the hard, and down times you’ll go through .. My favourite saying to myself and i know this is stupidly simple is NEVER GIVE UP !!! And I won’t even if things take me years I’ll get there , so hang on in there Gill and go for GOLD X

    1. Tony you’ve got LOADS of plus points!
      And you are so right about not giving up, and I’m not going to! Had a mega day today! x

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