Last week – Dame Kelly Holmes, this week – Usain Bolt and Mo Farah!

But we’ll come back to that!

Last week I was telling you about my successful bike ride. This week …….. I fell off!

That sounds quite impressive doesn’t it. Was I cycling so fast down winding country lanes that I skidded? No. Was I hammering along the road when a child ran out and I had to jam the brakes on and flew over the handlebars? No. Did I get knocked off by a passing car? No.

No, none of the above. I had been cycling along on the pavement, I know, I know but everybody who sees me accepts that 5 year olds are better cyclists and you wouldn’t expect them to be cycling on a busy road with huge lorries would you?

So, as I say, I had been cycling along the pavement when I wanted to cross the road. It’s a busy road and I wanted to be safe so I decided to get off my bike and push it across the road.

Now, I am tall, I have long legs and I had to have a man’s bike, crossbar and all. And after a long ride I tend to end up welded to the saddle. I usually get off (you couldn’t call it dismount, that’d be far more elegant) by sort of going off the saddle backwards then swinging my leg over the wheel, but it all went wrong, horribly wrong, and I ended up sprawled across the pavement on top of the bike with my belongings going everywhere.

Fortunately I didn’t fall into the road as I don’t think my helmet (which I always wear thanks to James Cracknell) would have helped me much!

Did get some (more) pretty impressive bruises though!


So what else has happened? Oh yes, I tried to beat Usain Bolt!

Sweatshop had a challenge booth set up at Bluewater where they timed your starting sprint and compared it to Usain’s.

After we’d finished our coffees, takes a while ‘cos we all need to move around and chat to everybody, a group of us headed down to have a go.

I have to admit that all the other ‘contestants’ appeared to be small children. But did that stop us? Like hell it did! We all had a go and then had to pose as Usain beneath the clock!

Looking quite pleased with myself there. Then I found out that, if I’d continued to run at that speed (which I couldn’t) by the time Usain had done 100 metres I’d have done 36!

So maybe 100 metres isn’t my event. Maybe I’m not a sprinter. Perhaps I’m more cut out for longer distances, like Mo Farah.

Time to take him on!

So, last Sunday, I, with nearly 10,500 others lined up in the Mall for the BUPA 10,000 metres.

I’ve not been training for this (I entered last year) and I only intended to walk but, when the field set off I had to run. Correction, I could have walked but, considering the number of people who were running behind me it seemed more prudent to run as well.

So I did. And then I walked. And then I ran again. Repeat as necessary.

Actually I ran quite a lot, and I enjoyed it which, considering the temperature in the sun must have been 30+ was amazing.

So, along I go and at the 8 km mark I had the legendary Mo Farah in my sights. I was in a race with Mo Farah and he was there ……………… but unfortunately not for very long as he sped on towards the 9km marker and I made my way towards the 2km one!

It was a fantastic atmosphere as we ran (and walked) around the sights of central London, past many great tourist attractions. As I wasn’t worried about my time I took the opportunity to stop and take photos on the way!



And, of course you have to wear your medal!

As you can probably tell, we had a really good day and a lovely meal out afterwards. I’ve already signed up for next year – when I’ll be 60!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I wasn’t last. There were 488 people behind me ………. and about 10,000 in front!

But that doesn’t matter, the only losers are the people that don’t take part! Come on, you could do this!!!

But will you?????


8 responses to “Last week – Dame Kelly Holmes, this week – Usain Bolt and Mo Farah!”

  1. As you know I won’t be doing it……love the pic of you with your medal, think that should be your profile pic for a while!

    Love reading what you are up to, am reying to think of a challenge to set you that will be something you have not done before, that won’t take long to do and will be worthwhile learning 😉

    1. Sounds interesting …,,,,,,,

  2. and my challenge is to learn to spell trying!

    1. As long as you’ve got a challenge …… x

  3. Poor thing, those bruises look painful. Well done on the 10k, maybe i’ll join you next year, you’ll be faster than me for sure! Love the photos xx

    1. I’m sure I wouldn’t, but go for it you’d love it, the atmosphere’s fantastic. Google BUPA 10K London!

  4. You have my great Admiration, well done

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