I wasn’t trying to lose weight!

The latest random challenge was to completely follow the ‘Ancestral Solution’ for two weeks.

This is a way of eating recommended by the trainers at Club One Hundred. http://www.clubonehundred.com/ancestral_solution.php

This was a real challenge for me because I’d relied on calorie counting for such a long time but this was completely different.

I’ve followed most of the principles for a while but not gone for the full works before but, you’ve got to give everything a go haven’t you!

On my long walk to training that day I’d paused at the bottom of ‘those steps’ to check my phone and read Darryl’s latest blog on breakfasts http://clubonehundred.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/introducing-the-alternating-ancestral-breakfast-for-ultimate-wellness-11/ and thought I quite fancied trying that. Didn’t realise that I’d be changing everything!

So my challenge was for two weeks to only eat what my ancestors could have eaten i.e. foods that would have been available locally in season or foods they would have stored. And only to cook ‘properly’, no microwave!

First some research to find out what would be available.

Fish, meat, eggs, nuts, berries, seeds, apples, strawberries, asparagus ……. Asparagus? I’ve never had asparagus? What do you do with it? I’ll find out!

Next thought was that most of these things are very high in calories and fat. Yes, it’s ‘good’ fat but even so ……

But then I decided this was my challenge and I was going to do it. Sod the calories and fat, I’d ignore them.

Another concern, would I get constipated? I’ve been nut bound in the past and didn’t like it. But …. read the line above!

So, off I set to do my shopping …….

I also bought bags of different nuts and seeds plus vegetables and set off home.

I’ve discovered that the secret to eating like this is to be organised. I always have small bags of seeds, nuts etc in my bag for when I am out. When I cook the steak, for example, I cook more than I’m going to eat so some is available for the next day. I wouldn’t say friends have got used to it but they’re not that surprised when I pull a bag of cold steak and a load of nuts out of my rucksack and proceed to eat it!

OK, I haven’t stuck to this 100% for the two weeks, but I wasn’t far off it. I’ve actually enjoyed eating like this and I feel better for it. My belly has shrunk and I’ve lost weight, even though that wasn’t the plan, I was doing it for fitness! Nearly 2 lbs in week 1 and another in week 2. I’m sure that would have been more but there was a jaffa cake incident and a penguin problem!

Downsides? I missed my skinny cappuccinos. My digestive system has become very efficient, almost too efficient, but D assures me this will settle down!

After talking it over with Darryl I’ve decided I want to continue to eat like this. I’m eating mega amounts and really enjoying it but I need occasional treats. We agreed I’d go for 85% Ancestral with 15% treats. That’s taken the pressure off and the last 2 days have been completely Ancestral with one skinny cappuccino each day. Now that suits me perfectly! The rest of the time I drink hot or cold water with the occasional green tea.

I’ve had some lovely meals, here are a few examples:

Sorry about the photos but I’ve got fed up trying to line them up!

Oh, and I’ve had to learn to cook! I’ve discovered that steak does not need to be incinerated, in fact it tastes better when it isn’t. It does however need to be cooked and a plate full of blood doesn’t work for me. I did eat it because I was in a hurry and was ravenous but I had to keep my eyes closed!

So, I’ve got no idea how many calories I’ve eaten, it must be squillions with stacks of fat but I’ve lost weight, my belly fat’s reduced, it’s fuelling all my exercise (haven’t had sugar cravings) and I feel great! Already looking forward to tomorrows meals!

10 responses to “I wasn’t trying to lose weight!”

  1. Wow, I like the sound of it, but I definitely wouldn’t like eating the steak, especially rare! or the fish! I’m not a fish eater. Well done on giving it a try. xx

  2. re the ‘penguin problem!’ was it roasted with trimmings or the chocolate variety πŸ˜‰
    When you think about it seriously it really makes sense….

    I was the oldest of 7 and born 1957 not quite going back to the bow and arrow years but parents had very little money. We ate very plain foods, fair enough everything was bulked out with bread, potato or baked savoury dumpling. BUT there was never chocolate or biscuits in the house unless it was some celebration such as birthday or Christmas….. Easter was always paste eggs with a chocolate bar divided between us as we went off to roll the paste eggs….. the only sweet stuff was home baked and it was def portion controlled as it was apple pie or scone never both….. Neither us or our parents were overweight….

    I do think it is the introduction of the processed stuff and the sweet stuff that causes the problems. Not the meat and veg and quantities…

    Personally I never count the fat only the calories and have not had a problem losing the weight….. this week my show a gain as I have comfort ate down the chocolate treat box 😦

    Keep going Gill you are doing great!

    Val x

    PS do you know any sign language for the deaf? My challenge to you is to be able to learn the deaf alphabet and a couple of other needed signs and be able to sign ‘my name is Gill Branch Castle. I am retired teacher. I live in Essex.’

    You will need the signs for MY NAME RETIRED TEACHER LIVE

    The rest is finger spelt with the deaf alphabet…. no time limit on the challenge you can fit it in between John O Groats and pedalling to the moon or what ever other mad things you are doing this year!

    • LOL Val, I’ll give it a go! As I was walking along today (23 km) I found I could still say ‘Hello my name is Gill Castle’ in Chinese – firmly lodged in my long term memory! So now I’ll try this!
      Thinking of you at the moment! xxx

    • I sent a long reply Val but I think it vanished!

      Chocolate variety 😦 fortunately there were only 3 available to me!

      Challenge accepted!!!!!! Have to try and video the evidence!


  3. Brilliant post Gill, glad my message is getting through. You are right – calorie counting doesn’t work, the important factor for weight loss is food source (i.e Ancestral foods) not quantity.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll see you next thursday.

    Also – get on the foam roller.

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