I’ve got a problem!

Well a lot of the people who know me, and some of you who’ve only read my stuff, would probably say I’ve got more than one. And probably be correct. But let’s not worry about that for the moment!

This isn’t about the pervy man I met on the steps the other day. Did I tell you about him? No? Oh, well he was only a little man and he definitely wasn’t quite right. Grinning inanely at me and peering round behind me. So there’s me, gormlessly looking round behind me as well, trying to work out what was going on when he says “Haven’t you got a lovely bum.”

Now it’s very sad when I know that there’s definitely something wrong with the person saying that and it’s not just a compliment. But I knew!!!!! I just gave him the look. Ex-pupils and my partner will know that look. It’s my scary, not to be messed with face, and it worked. Not a word was said but he walked away. I stood my ground and just stared at him wherever he went, glimpsing back over his shoulder to check. He left, I didn’t, I won!!! Don’t think I’ll see him again.

But it wasn’t about that.

It’s not about the fact that skinny cappuccinos have been making me feel sick either. They’ve been my post training treat for a long while but after following the Ancestral Solution properly my stomach hasn’t liked them 😦   Darryl says that’s because my body is now cleaner so I think I’m just going to have to try decaf or reintroducing them slowly, or something!

No, the problem is these random challenges. The ones we do on training weeks are fine, really enjoy them, even the sprint training this week.

It’s the ones I’m set to do on my own! Not the speaking in Chinese or the juggling, they’re over and done with. It’s some of  the other ones.

Take yoga for an example, meant to try it for 2 weeks. I liked it, I’m not good at it but I liked it and I can see it is good for me so I’ve kept doing it.

Ditto with the foam roller, I’m going to have to keep doing that, it really helps!

The problem is that I’m adding more and more things to my ‘to do’ list and then having to find the time to do them!

LOL Retirement is not boring!

The Ancestral Solution? Loving it and definitely going to continue eating that way. That’s fine though, it doesn’t take any more time!

My latest challenge is to try and meditate for 10 minutes a day. Interesting. I need to work out where I am going to do it.

It’s not easy to do it at home as Ray will be shouting out Gilly whenever he wants anything! For the sake of those of you who don’t know, Ray is not a ‘normal’ man (whatever that is). He is disabled (he had a major brain haemorrhage 24 years ago and he is diabetic) and he behaves like a spoilt 2 year old. The two things are not necessarily related! He is also a drinker, a big drinker! Tonight he was very drunk and very unwell but I realised what was wrong and managed to get him to eat enough sweet stuff to stop him going into a diabetic coma.

Meditation is going to be another thing that is good for me!!!

I tried meditating sitting on a bench at the top of those steps.

Walking home I went past the church I spent a lot of time at as a child. There was a sign saying the church was open for people to go in and pray or meditate or sit quietly. I went in and tried meditating.

What have I learned? That I can’t meditate sitting up! As soon as I relax and let go ………. my head falls off!!!

So, I need to lie down. But where?

I tried to combine it with lying on my back on the foam roller. That was better although I was somewhat distracted by the rhythmic pounding on the treadmill.

Tonight I will try meditating in bed before I go to sleep. That might work ……. but do I read the next few chapters of 50 Shades of Grey before or afterwards??

Decisions, decisions.

All advice or suggestions welcome!!!!!

6 responses to “I’ve got a problem!”

  1. I have been known to go out to the garage and sit in the car to meditate (years ago, when sons were at home, so nowhere was quiet enough in the house). Just 10 mins can work wonders! You could recline the seat to meditate.?

  2. Gill – I meditate regularly and it really is better if you can sit – your energy responds well if your back is straight – it is brilliant for you and there is a massive amount of interest now in ‘mindful eating’ which is all about being calm enough to listen to what your body really wants to eat and also allows you to consider every mouthful of food (but I digress!)

    If it helps it is sometimes easier to do a guided meditation and you can find lots of really good 10 minute ones if you google or utube.

    Good luck – I think this is another challenge that you will probably end of really loving!

    Liz xx

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