Now you’ve got to remember I get motion sickness ……..

………. oh, and I’m a coward!!!

So, why on earth did I agree to go to Thorpe Park to celebrate my friend Kirstein’s birthday???

Well, I thought I could just have a pleasant day, enjoy the company, help look after my friend’s sweet little daughter, I mean

I wasn’t brought up on theme parks. We didn’t go to them. Friends went to Butlins and spent their days on the rides etc. but not my family.

Well we did go to a hotel once. It was in Praa Sands in Cornwall and we were very young. Dinner time came and my two younger brothers and I were at the table with our parents and must have been all carrying on at once (nothing changes) when my mum, who was standing up bellowed in her best teacher voice “Will you all be quiet”.

And we were, and so was everybody else in the dining room, looking at her expectantly …….

We never went to a hotel again. They bought a caravan and we went to fields. Lots of fields. All over the country. Empty fields, nobody else in sight or earshot, for all the school holidays. We had complete freedom, wandered off everywhere, got filthy dirty and the nearest we got to a theme park ride was driving to whatever field we were going to and I was, invariably, sick!

Of course I have been to Theme Parks since then, but not on the rides! I was a responsible supervising teacher who had to be available at all times (translation – I was a coward with a good line in excuses!)

I’d been to Thorpe Park before and I’d been on one of the rides 😦

All the staff were queuing up for this roller coaster when everyone started asking Di (small, young, blonde etc) if she was going to be OK. Now I knew I wasn’t, I knew what would happen but I knew that if I said anything everyone would just think I was trying to get attention. So ….. I went on the ride. I turned green. All the spotters came rushing over. It was awful.

This time I warned everyone in advance!!!!

So what happened?

I had one of the best days ever!!!!

I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much, and it all started before we even entered the park!

We’d all arranged to meet up at 10 a.m. but we were missing one person. After a short wait he rang us to say that he’d had to park in a different car park but that he was on his way over. We waited, and waited, and waited, no sign. To cut a long story short (got a feeling I’ll never get round to finishing this post) we found out that he’d gone to …….. Chessington!!!!!! Cue laughter!

Very pleased to say he did join us eventually …… about 2 hours later!

(Two other friends arrived even later having driven all the way to Thorpe Park only to realise they’d left their tickets at home and had to make a round trip to collect them. Duh!)

Notice how his jeans appear striped? That’s because he was looking for us and stood in the wrong place by a fence made of boards – and got soaked!!!

Well the very first ride we went on was Tidal Wave. At the time I thought I was getting on a fairly gentle ride with a reasonable drop to the water.

Tidal Wave and Stealth Tidal Wave

I was wrong! It was an 85 foot drop, that is huge. And it wasn’t a reasonable drop, it was a plummet. I now know it’s one of the rides they refer to as “Extreme Thrills”. Yeah, right. But I did it and I survived.

Now my ‘brave friends’ went on other extreme rides. Nemesis, Colossus, Detonator and X:\NoWayOut.

I watched, well someone had to look after the lovely Amelia …….

Except appearances can be deceptive. She got me on Flying Fish. A child’s roller coaster. It was awful. It was terrifying. It made me feel ill.

And then she got me on the Banana Boat which was even worse:

It’s a good job I’ve been taught to breathe through the pain in training. I certainly had to use that to survive that ride. The only consolation is nearly everyone else hated it too!

I’m rather surprised that I went on this ride:

But these ones were fun:

And at least my seats stayed attached to the rides, unlike Laura’s

The funniest rides of the day for me were undoubtedly Rumba Rapids, listening to Laura’s scream in the cave as a cold waterfall soaked her (and me) whilst the others were looking at a lit up spider’s web and couldn’t understand what the fuss was about.

And ……. Loggers Leap.

(Not us, got this from Google)

If you ever go on this ride it’s probably not a good idea for two very tall people with very long legs to sit together in the front section of the log. By the time I had forced myself down in behind Richard, with him screaming about his knees (I am laughing so much while I’m writing this!) there was no danger of either of us falling out.

In fact I was quite worried that we’d never get out and that they’d have to use a circular saw to cut us free!

I’d like to thank everybody for a fantastic day. It’s now nearly two weeks ago and I am still laughing about it, which is either a sign of how good it was or how sad I am.

But remember:

An optimist laughs to forget, a pessimist forgets to laugh.I’m an optimist!

I forgot my medal!!!!!

6 responses to “Now you’ve got to remember I get motion sickness ……..”

  1. brilliant read made me laugh, especially when I saw the cups n saucers, my oh went on them and when he got off he promptly fell in the bushes – a happy moment I will never forget, hope you were able to stand up afterwards.

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