There are more questions than answers ……..

Well there are with me around, although I do have a tendency to over think things.

So …….

Why does a half marathon that you walk at night have a medal like this?

Could it be so you can see it in the dark? Enjoyed my first half marathon though, and could have kept going. Been asked about doing the Shine full marathon in September, mmmm, what to do?

Why do I love finding ‘new’ muscles?

Well this picture may have something to do with it:

Muscles don’t wobble. Muscles let me eat more. Muscles look really cool. I like muscles!

But this leads on to one of my random thoughts.

I was bored, stuck in a traffic jam recently, watching the muscles in my forearm moving (doesn’t everyone do this?) when I thought “If my forearm was amputated and cooked on a bbq it would get eaten ‘cos there’s a lot more meat on it that on a chickem wing.”

Doesn’t everyone have thoughts like that?

The Olympic torches are bigger than you think.

But they are great to pose with! No, unfortunately it isn’t mine and I had to give it back. 😦

Why is there nothing I would eat in the healthy snacks aisle?

Well, why????

Why, when I am going up and down those steps (like I did 8 times today) do I see other people doing the same ……. but they tend to be men in their 20s and 30s?

Whilst the women of my age tend to be dressed in ‘nice’ clothes and lunching in Leigh? Bet a lot of them would love to be doing what I’m doing, but they’ll never admit it!!!!!

BTW I’ve just been and collected my uniform to be an Essex Ambassador (voluntary work) for the Olympics. As I only wear gym kit it’s a huge addition to my wardrobe although pink and purple aren’t really my colour choices!

I also do voluntary work (I’m on the Independent Monitoring Board) in a prison. Variety is the spice of life, but the only ‘uniform’ for that is a belt with a pouch!!!

Reading this back, it’s quite understandable that I’d rather be running up steps and hurling heavy weights than dressed in a frock and lunching!!!

Talking of weights, my traps hurt. A lot!

It’s either the 10 sets of 20 single arm swings with a 16kg kettlebell, or it’s the 3 sets of 15 clean and press with the 15 kg barbell. Each time they twinge I go ouch, then think of the muscles (see above) and smile!

Talking of kettlebells ….. why do I see people using little baby ones?

Oops, I’ve cut off the left hand side of this but you get the idea. This is from Dragon’s Door and is their recommendation of what kettlebells to get.

So, the lightest ‘real’ kettlebell is 18lbs, or 8kg. I won’t say any more about that!!!!

Yes, I do use the ones they recommend for a ‘strong lady’. Am I really so much stronger than so many people at the gym?

People really need to be taught how to use kettlebells properly!!!!

Why am I so tired?

Because this week’s random challenge is to get up when it gets light and go to bed when it gets dark, just like my ancestors would have done.

It’s getting dark so, feeling like a reverse vampire, Night Night!

Oops, forgot to ask, should I do the Shine Marathon?

Please leave a Yes or No answer!!!!!


Well, just after I posted this I had to call an ambulance cos Ray was having a really bad hypo attack. Over an hour later his blood sugar was high enough for them to go (thanks girls, you were lovely) and he’s really angry and aggressive with me for calling them!

Ho hum, such is life!!!!!

12 responses to “There are more questions than answers ……..”

  1. err….. where is the explanation of what all the photgraphs were about…

    Dunno about the Marathon will PM you on FB

  2. Yes, if you feel like it!
    Great post as usual – putting together all your recent FB posts – I love your life and your story. Keep posting! you’re soo inspiring!

  3. Yes.

    I think it must be a bonus. & added incentive that when going up & down the steps you see 20 – 30 yr old men, they must be quite fit.
    Good for you being a volunteer for the Olympics, (&in the prison) take a photo of yourself in your new clothes!


  4. Do what makes you and your trainer happy, so that would be unanimous ‘yes’ then! Great blog again Gill, I’m glad my photos are providing good visual aids for you, lol. I hope you read this is at sunrise. See you Thursday

    • OK, that’s decided then, yes it is!

      You know I love that fat / muscle photo but I should probably have looked at it before I ate the plain chocolate hobnobs that were left after Ray’s hypo had been dealt with last night 😦 and I didn’t even enjoy them!

      Still got up at sunrise though, might flag as the day progresses but got to be at Southend Airport at 22:45!

  5. Gilly, you would have been just the right sort of person to do a leg of the Olympic Torch Relay – given how you have changed your life from ‘fat’ to ‘fit’ in just a few short years!

  6. 🙂 love plain chocolate hobnobs….. well let’s be honest here love all the hobnobs…. so pass them here next time 😉

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