Where to start …….

My last post was on the 20th July. Over 7 weeks ago but it feels much longer. Well, that was true when I wrote it, but we all now know I posted last night! Not wasting what I’d already written though!!!

I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to blog (started 2, lost 1). So what have I been doing?

There’s been a couple of things going on called the Olympics and the Paralympics that have been a bit of a distraction :-), then there’s my voluntary jobs, and training and ……. well the list goes on and on.

Being so far behind makes it difficult to know where to start but I’ve decided to go back to Monday 23rd July 2012.

That was 4 days before the Olympics started and I had to go to London for my annual check up at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (impressive huh?)

The Olympic fever had definitely started. Signs up at all the stations and everywhere was coming to life.

Having seen this poster:

I decided to walk!

The walk across London was different. There was an unusual friendliness in the air and everywhere you looked preparations were in progress.

It’s difficult, looking back, to remember exactly how I felt at this stage. I was really looking forward to the Olympics, probably for the first time ever, and, occasionally, I saw things that made me even more excited!

This was one of my favourites, printed on the pavement. I caused a bit of a ‘people jam’ stopping to take the photo. But instead of the usual mutterings and bad temperedness people grinned …. they understood!

I think it was the boxing gloves that appealed to me!

Signs of support were going up everywhere.


Exciting times …. but on I went.

After arriving at the hospital I had a long wait, but I didn’t mind. I really wanted to see my consultant because I had finally decided that I felt well enough, and confident enough, to let him discharge me!

This was a huge step forward for me to take because, up and till now, I’ve always been terrified of another relapse. But I had finally accepted what my consultant had told me and that the likelihood was my MS had become benign!

Dr. XXX’s an amazing guy who always seems to give patients as much time as they need. It must be very difficult having to break what is  seen as ‘bad news’ to people ……. and then he has to cope with me, bounding through the door like some sort of demented Tigger!

We talked briefly and I updated him with what I’d been doing. I thanked him for all his help and he said I was welcome to go back should I ever need to …… the safety net still exists 🙂

As I left he told me he looked forward to seeing me in the Paralympics! Para? Para? Full scale Olympics for me!!!!

I recently received a copy of the letter he sent to my GP.

He’s also got a sense of humour!

BTW, I did ask him if there was any way I could help other people. He said to keep writing the blog to show people there can be hope. I will and let me tell you all, I’m now fitter than I have ever been!!!!!!!

One response to “Where to start …….”

  1. Great to be signed off, but also to know that you can get in touch for advice if needed. I was also so excited when I went to London anytime around the Olympics & everyone was so happy & friendly xxx

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