So what progress on my ‘core’ challenge?

None! Absolutely none! And it’s all my own fault 😦

Remember how I found one of the exercises completely impossible? Well, after writing my blog I thought “I’m NOT going to let this beat me”, got down on the floor and started trying to do it.

Did I warm up first? No. Well it’s only lying down isn’t it?

Will I ever learn??????

I worked and worked at the exercise, probably for about half an hour, and by the end my elbow and my knee were meeting.

“Great, conquered that, I’ll build on it tomorrow at the gym” and off to bed I went.

Fast forward to the next morning. I wake up, go to get out of bed and “Ow!!!!!!!!!”

I could not move! I was stuck in bed.

I had to, very gently, roll over onto my side, drop my legs out of the bed and push myself upright. This was not good.

Flashback time: When I was HUGE, this was what my life was like. I was a beached whale. I always had to get out of bed like that. I’ve got a memory foam bed so you do (well I did) sink right into it and I ALWAYS had trouble getting out of it. Now I wake up, don’t even think, contract the core, sit upright, turn and stand …. or I did ……..

Being truly stupid, I then had breakfast, got dressed, went to the gym and tried to do my usual stuff! Ha, ha!

Saturday was spent in London having lunch, and laughs, with a group of ‘virtual’ friends I had never actually met so I was kept out of trouble.

Well at least until we came out of the restaurant and I saw this:

So Sunday came and to prove just how stupid I can be I repeated the struggle out of bed …….. go to the gym routine. No chance.

Monday … first part of the warm up = pain. OK, enough!!

Time for a rethink. I’m going to have to give my body time to recover so ……… let’s go walking!

I sat and looked at my schedule and worked out that I was 148 kilometres from John o’Groats. Is that all?

I decided that I was going to get there before my next session with Darryl in 11 days time.

So on Monday I walked 18.1 km + 7.5 on the exercise bike (harder than a real bike ‘cos no downhill bits!)

Tuesday 22.3 km walked, 4 km on the bike.

Today 26.6 km walked, 11.5 on the bike.

I will do this!

Just one thing though. Do you remember my ‘marathon’ blister? Well all this walking is disturbing it a bit.

I just hope my core gets better before my foot gives out!

5 responses to “So what progress on my ‘core’ challenge?”

  1. Oh bless your poor little foot!
    You’re doing SOO well! do give yourself a chance to recover.
    If you cannot complete one challenge right now. You WILL next week or the next!

    Love your bloga nd minset, as ever! xx

  2. Poor foot, loads of cream will fix that! I’d be my own worse enemy if that was my foot, picking it! When i nursed full time my feet were dreadful!

    At least you know you can do that one now, even if you did nearly cripple yourself doing it! & the walking/riding wow, you’re so nearly there. How exciting. xx

  3. Grit your teeth, dig deep and you know you will not let this beat you.
    Lunch with you was fab, you have the greatest outlook and the most infectious personality, it was a great day.
    Hope the foot recovers soon.
    Loving your blog x x

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