Progress report (updated)

228 days ago I started my challenges, and today I reached another milestone …….. literally!

Having hurt my core (silly, silly me) I embarked an a mission and, today, I arrived at:

I have now covered 1233 miles. 900 on foot and 333 cycling. That’s an average of 5.4 miles a day! That’s amazing!!!!!

You have to remember that for the vast majority of my life I would not walk. Then I hit the period when, due to my MS, I could not walk and now I won’t stop walking!!!!!

And now I’ve done this!

I should be elated, I expected to be elated, but I’m not.

I’m actually a bit disappointed.

333 miles were done by bike. Don’t know why this irritates me as that in itself is quite an achievement bearing in mind what my bike riding was like.

I’ve walked 900 miles. Well, that’s a bit of a lie as I reckon I probably ran about 10 of them (in short spurts you understand, not all in one go!) I want to have walked 1000 miles.

Well, all I can say is that I will!

As to my other challenges, they’re all progressing,

and I’m ahead of target in all of them!

Felt obliged to write this tonight but, for some obscure reason, I’m a bit tired, so I’ll leave it at that!

Night, night.

BTW I need to add that all of these distances have been measured by my Garmin GPS watch. If I added on the miles covered when walking indoors or without the GPS turned on ………. But I’m not going to even think about that!


Since writing this I’ve used the map as the wallpaper on my iPhone. Every time I turn it on I’m reminded about how far I’ve come. It really is a positive motivational tool, try it, it’s definitely worked for me. Every time I turn on my phone I smile and I am now proud of what I’ve achieved!

I also started working on my journey home, planning to see if I could swap the 300+ miles I cycled into miles walked. I then discovered that, instead of the 882 kilometres I thought I’d got left, it’s actually 1105! I foresee more cycling!!!!

Oh, and my core? That seems to have finally recovered but everything is now so tight. I need to make my foam roller my best friend again!

8 responses to “Progress report (updated)”

  1. Only you!! I could have guessed that you would end up not being happy with the ridden miles! Well done for all the fabulous targets reached, and good luck with the ones that you will now amend until they suit! LOL

  2. Well done fab lady. You’ll have easily walked the 1000 miles by the end. Everythings looking so great, well done. xx

  3. Well done gill your amazing, I love reading about your progress and have no doubts your reach your target and I look forward to a big party when you do. Well done gill x

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