A busy couple of weeks …….

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks.

Sadly, my only aunt died. Gina was the kindest, sweetest person you could wish to meet. She had been unwell for a number of years with Alzheimers, but she was always smiling and had a serenity about her that I find hard to describe. A truly lovely lady.

This did mean that our, very small, family gathered together for her funeral and it was lovely to see everybody.

It was not so lovely to realise that I am now the oldest member of the family ūüė¶

I’ve suggested we all try and meet up every year or two for a picnic or something and not just leave it to funerals ………

I’ve been to¬†three parties!!!!!!

Firstly at Club One Hundred where I rediscovered the taste for alcohol and as it was given to me by my trainer it has got to be good for me hasn’t it??????

Then the Bluewater 4K group went for a night out in a Chinese restaurant ……. 54 of us!!!! And eat as much as you like ……

Finally Stuart & Anne had a party, loads of the people I worked with for huge numbers of years were there. Really strange how we may not have seen each other for a year or more but, within seconds, it’s as if we’ve never been apart!

The world didn’t end. I never thought it would and, as I’d started the day by doing all the washing, changing the bed linen and paying my credit card I would have been very upset if it had!

Did anybody actually think the world would end then? If they did they could be in a load of trouble now. I mean, if I really thought the world was going to end on a specific date I wouldn’t be paying my credit card, I’d be out buying everything in sight.

But, on that logic, you could be forgiven for thinking that I’d been expecting the world to end a number of times in my past!

I’m learning …… but it takes a¬†long time!

I got my last Christmas present, can’t say any more about that as you ¬†never know who’s reading this, but I’m quite pleased and there’s even a chance that people will get their presents wrapped this year!

Have to say I’m still rubbish at doing cards though. Very¬†embarrassed!

I won some things!

I used to use a weight loss site (Nutracheck) to record everything I ate and drank and I was a very active member of the forums. Although I’m still a member I haven’t used the diary for a long time and I’ve only been visiting the forums occasionally, although I do post the links to my blog there and I did recently meet up with some of the members.¬†

Anyway, I’m wandering again!¬†

They recently had their (virtual) award ceremony with a number of categories that members could nominate people for and, as I said, I won things!

I was voted the third ‘Most Motivational’, the third ‘Biggest Female Loser’ and I was voted the winner of ‘Most Inspiring Success’ and the winner of “Best User of Fitness & Exercise”.

Wow, wow, wow. I can’t believe this. I’m amazed, and very happy! Thank you everybody!!!!!

And last, but my no means least ……………………… we have had the shortest day!

I cannot describe how pleased I am about that. Although I haven’t been as depressed, irritable or bad tempered since Darryl started me on mega doses of Vitamin D3 (it makes a HUGE difference, I’ve been taking a lower dose for a long time without much impact but this is different!) I still dislike the long dark evenings and mornings.¬†

As I’ve said before, I’m the sole carer for my partner and, whilst he’s happy for me to go out during the daytime, he likes me to be at home in the evenings and at night ……… and there’s a hell of a lot of evening and night at this time of year!¬†

I don’t have any problem with the cold or the wet (although I’m getting a little bored with that now) or the windy but I do like the light!

And next year I’d be very grateful if we could have enough of a summer to let me go out and do stuff in the garden right up until about 10pm – that hasn’t happened for a couple of years, but you could tell that by looking at my garden!

3 responses to “A busy couple of weeks …….”

  1. Well done on your wins, you totally deserve all 3. Thank goodness the shortest day is done for me as well, i cant be doing with the winter, it makes me bad tempered!
    Have a very Happy Christmas & I’m sure you’ll make 2013 fabulously energetic, motivational & fun

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