I’ve found a new use for trifle.

I should probably say that I’ve found A use for trifle.


I don’t like trifle. I think it’s the consistency. Slimy, wobbly stuff. And it’s got custard in it, I don’t like custard either. When I was given custard as a kid it always seemed to have a skin on it, yuk!

So, we have a high calorie, high sugar content, slimy, slippery, wobbly goo that I dislike and will not eat. What possible use could it have?

Ray likes trifle!

I’ve discovered that when he has a really bad hypo (two since my last post) and is in danger of sliding into a diabetic coma, it is really easy to shove trifle into him to bring up his sugar levels.

And, I don’t like it so it can be in the fridge and I won’t eat it!

This is particularly important (to me) as I’ve managed to put some weight back on and it’s time for me to sort myself out ….. again!

Now, I’ve got reasonably good self control. I can go round the supermarket and not buy ‘bad’ stuff. I can go for a coffee and not buy cakes etc. I can go out for a meal and eat sensibly and I’m happy drinking water.


if it is in the house ………………. I will eat it!

I may try and hide it from myself, but my body will work out where it is and take me there.

I will lose control of my hands, they will grab whatever it is and force feed me with it, my will power stands no chance, the body takes over.


I have to find stuff that is full of sugar, liked by Ray and that I would not eat even if there was nothing else available and I was thinking of gnawing on my own forearm.

So far the list consists of winegums, turkish delight and trifle.  Other suggestions are welcome!

My ‘homework’ from Darryl was to write down everything I ate and drank for a week. I did it, very honestly, and I’ve handed it in, but I’m not expecting a gold star (but I might get a silver one!).

I’ve made quite a good start, I’ll let you know how successful I’ve been soon.


Thinking of forearms, did I tell you about the day I was stuck in a traffic jam and my thoughts were rambling about as I drummed my fingers and watched the muscles in my forearm move? I suddenly thought that if it was on a bbq there would be more meat on that than on a chicken wing so it would get eaten first. Don’t know how tasty it would be though. I wonder what you’d marinade it with?


 Nine weeks today I will be 60!

Time for an update on my challenges.


All are going well and I’m ahead of schedule with all of them.

I’m particularly proud of how far I’ve travelled on foot. 1,215 miles! Add in the cycling and this map shows how far I’ve travelled:


I’m hoping the weather forecasters are wrong, I really don’t need three weeks of snow at the moment, but if it comes it is NOT going to stop me, I WILL do this.

That’s enough for now, need my sleep, I’ll be out pounding the pavements again tomorrow!



There are times when even I can feel old, and right at this moment is one of them.

Walking the 21 km today and doing 2 lots of steps were fine, well I’ll admit to various parts of me hurting and aching (my back and my left ankle for some inexplicable reason).

But, after about 30 minutes of being at home, having to deal with another hypo, trying to move Ray from the bathroom to his bedroom and then get him to eat sweet stuff has taken it out of me. In order to get him to cooperate I have to be very calm, gentle and encouraging. Now there’s a challenge for me! But it’s done!

Remember what I said about if it was in the house I’d eat it ……… this is the time for  a binge.

What have I got? Are you ready for this?

Poached salmon, dressed crab, crayfish tails and a lobster tail. (Went to the fishermen’s co-op on my walk.)

Don’t think it’ll hit the spot like sweeties, and it shouldn’t all get eaten at once (I’ve also got stir fry) but we’ll see what happens ……


OMG, heard a sound from the other room, he woke up and wanted to know if I’d taken his empty bottles to the recycling dump, and then went back to sleep!!!!

5 responses to “I’ve found a new use for trifle.”

  1. The trifle sounds a good idea. We all love trifle here so it would be gone quickly 2 hypos since your last post, are they more frequent lately?

    You’ve done fantastically well with your challenges, nearly there.

    If my forearm was on a bbq there would be a lot of disappointed people!

  2. Sorry I don’t have any suggestions re: hypo stuff you won’t like :/
    Just wanted to say you’ve gone SOOOOO far! Almost back home now!
    And remember, there’s no such thing as too bad weather to train – just wear the right clothing 😉 *says the girl who refuses to train in the rain* lol xx

    • Lol. I love my waterproofs. I can be covered from head to toe and wander about. Rain doesn’t bother me in the least but I don’t fancy doing those steps in ice or snow!

      How are you going to do the swim if you won’t train in the rain? Don’t be a wimp !!! xxx

  3. The only biscuits I will buy are orange or strawberry creams, as Phil likes, but I dislike them. Ice cream……raspberry ripple (pink ice cream I will avoid). By the same token – My favourite Total Greek Style just plain yogurt, Philip will leave the hell alone! He is not averse to gobbling up my personal ‘healthy eating’ rations (just for a whimsical snack!) I should mention that he has only ever been nice and slim (grrrr!)
    Gill I am thrilled to read of your progress. Amazing achievements during your 60th year, you wonderful and determined lady!

    Sleep well, and hope the snow stays away from you (and all of us!) xxx

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