25 days to go ………….

………… and I will be 60!

So what about those challenges?

Here’s a reminder:

“The challenges will start on my 59th birthday and, by the time I am 60 I will have:

  • walked from my house to Lands End, on to John O’Groats and back home
  • climbed Mount Everest
  • lifted a fully laden Boeing 747
  • travelled the length of the River Thames

So here’s a look at what has happened, I’ll do them in reverse order!


“The River Thames. This will be a combination of swimming, running in water (I’m a rubbish swimmer) and rowing.”

Well I said that because I hate rowing, it’s too much like hard work, and I was giving myself a way out!

What eventually happened though was that by 22/1/13 I rowed 353 km (221 miles) which is the length of the River Severn, the longest river in the UK.

I no longer hate rowing, in fact I quite like it now, even when doing it as a Tabata exercise.


“Lifting the plane? Well the actual aim is to lift a million kilograms and that was the nearest thing we could find. How to do it? By adding together every rep I do over the year.”

I lifted 1,002,274 kg by 23/1/13. I ended up doing exercises that allowed me to lift heavy weights, such as leg presses, in order to get it done.

Quite glad this is over and done, now I’ll be able to get back to some ‘proper’ training!


“Mount Everest will mainly take place on the cliff steps opposite Leigh-on-Sea station, although other steps will be allowed!”

Completed this on 27/1/13 and I will admit that, by the end, I hated those steps! I did say that I would never go up them again, I’d get a cab!

I expect I’ll change my mind at some point in the future, but don’t rely on it!

Still, it is done!


“The walking challenge is straightforward but, because of a technical difficulty it turned out to be 1000 kilometres longer than originally thought (Google maps measures in miles not kilometres!) so I’ve decided to allow some cycling. But this will have to be at the gym, I haven’t got a bike, so I can’t freewheel down the hills!”

Well we all know that I now have a bike, and the fun I’ve had with it!

There was another ‘technical difficulty’ though. You may remember I started plotting where I was on my journey, just to make it a bit more interesting. By the time I got back ‘home’ that added another 200 miles to my journey!!!!

But was that going to stop me? No it was not!

I have now covered the full distance, but I wasn’t happy. This sounds ridiculous even to me, in my occasional saner moments, but I was really disappointed that I had ‘only’ walked 1400 miles with 576 miles cycled. So I’ve decided to try and increase that to 1500 miles by my birthday!


This is today’s data from my spreadsheet:


And I’ve got a record of what I did on every single day of that year!


I’ve stopped updating all of the targets except the walking, that will go on to the bitter end!

So these were the facts! It is done!

The next post will say something about how I feel about it, what I’ve learned etc.

I will get to that, soon ……..

5 responses to “25 days to go ………….”

  1. Yeah, great job. What a brilliant, fantastical achievement. You are an inspirational women & I will always think you are amazing. xxxxxx

  2. Well done and what a fantastic achievement. U can now certainly look forward to your 60th birthday and be proud of what you have done. I’ve really enjoyed your blog!

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