Well that’s that then!

The final day, that’s it, time to finish all of my challenges. How to do it?

Well I walked into Wickford, got a train to Shenfield, then a bus into Brentwood.



Well you may have heard of Brentwood, it’s where that serious, in depth documentary about exactly what life in Essex is like is set. And you all know that I’m a typical Essex girl in that regard.So why would I be going to Brentwood?

Yeah, right!

No, I paid out £6.30 to get to Brentwood ……. so that I could walk home. Obvious really!

And I took photos of things that interested me along the way. I drive the route from time to time and have noticed things but I’ve never walked and had a chance for a proper look.

Firstly the alms houses:

Downloaded 08-12-12 004 Downloaded 08-12-12 003 Downloaded 08-12-12 005

One day I’ll get round to googling what ‘Shen Place’ is ……..

The route is a reasonably busy A road but it’s an interesting walk:

Downloaded 08-12-12 006 Downloaded 08-12-12 007 Downloaded 08-12-12 008 Downloaded 08-12-12 009 Downloaded 08-12-12 010 Downloaded 08-12-12 011

In to Billericay, the other ‘typical’ tv Essex place (Gavin and Stacey) where, of course, it’s time for coffee!

Downloaded 08-12-12 015

I had to put these photos in. Do you know what they are?

OK, the first one’s a lamp post but if you look carefully you’ll see the holder with the little bottle in it that there’s a close up of on the right. One day when I was out walking (admittedly not today!) I saw a man stop his car and swap the bottles, so I had to ask what it was about. He showed me a grey mesh inside the bottle and explained that there were hundreds of them around and they were used to measure air quality. Now you’d never know about that speeding round in your cars!

A                        B

Eventually I came to the most dodgy part of the route:

Downloaded 08-12-12 022Downloaded 08-12-12 029

No footpaths! 

Now I don’t mind no footpaths but I do like sensible drivers. The majority of drivers are lovely, they slow down and move out and protect me. But others seem to just want to kill me. It’s quite scary and nerve racking getting ready to jump out of the way. Please drivers be aware of pedestrians, cyclists and riders!

The second photo shows a bus stop. The first time I went on a really long walk I gave up at that bus stop and sat and waited for 90 minutes for a bus! Now I just keep going, and going, and going ………

Downloaded 08-12-12 034Downloaded 08-12-12 035

When I used to teach in London and do the long commute I would reach this stage of the journey and my  shoulders would drop and I’d start to relax. Love this view ……. it’s better in sunshine though!

Downloaded 08-12-12 036

Popped into the farm shop for minted lamb for dinner 🙂

Downloaded 08-12-12 047 Downloaded 08-12-12 038 Downloaded 08-12-12 039 Downloaded 08-12-12 040 Downloaded 08-12-12 045

There are some beautiful houses round here and people have spent a lot of money restoring them. Strangely the colour of the cottage looks ok in the photo, but in reality ………

Downloaded 08-12-12 048                      Downloaded 08-12-12 051

Finally I turn the last corner and I’m home again!

To the housework and the garden that have been neglected for the past year. (Who am I kidding, it’s a lot longer than that!)

Downloaded 08-12-12 053        Downloaded 08-12-12 052

Oh, that destroyed house isn’t mine, I’m not that bad. That’s the house opposite that blew up a few years ago ….. another story!

So here’s today’s route:


To be honest, it was easy, although the ball of my left foot is suffering again, it never really recovered from Shine.

The final totals?


And what am I most proud of?

1513 miles on foot

You know, if the police asked me what I was doing on any day over the last year I could tell them, and if it was a walking day I could provide evidence including a map!

Well, it’s done, it’s over, time to move on ………………………

………………….. to a new set of challenges that start tomorrow!

59 to 60 is over, but the blogs will continue.

What should I change the name to though?

21 responses to “Well that’s that then!”

  1. you are a loony and I think I love you for being a loony…. enjoy your 60’s

    Love Val xxxxxxxx

  2. You are fab, Well done. I’m so proud of you. Happy Birthday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Gill, I’m so proud of what you have achieved over the last year, you truly are an inspiration to everyone who thinks that something can’t be done. Well done – now onwards and upwards! See you Thursday

  4. You said that you would do it! and we never doubted you – you fabulous woman you. Have a great great Birthday !! xxxxx

  5. Well done Gill you did it!! You are truly AMAZING. Have a wonderful 60th birthday and an exciting new year and challenges ahead……

  6. Well done Gilly, I am so glad your continuing the blogs I have really enjoyed them.
    Hope you have an amazing 60th birthday, and I look forward to what you have in store for yourself for the next years xxx

  7. Well done. Look forward to reading the book 🙂
    That could be your challenge. You’ve certainly kept me entertained. X

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