60 and 2 days!


So I’m not yet ready for purple because I’m not yet old but a 60 year old woman walking round Sainsburys in her Vibrams does get some rather strange looks.

Although perhaps I shouldn’t blame the shoes, perhaps it’s just me!

Normal service has been resumed, Sunday chores then off to the gym to do my program. ūüôā

OMG the place was jammed, absolutely heaving with people, a training day for trainers. Loads of them jumping around in the studios and masses of people on the gym floor, most of whom seem able to take equipment to far flung places to train but are completely incapable of returning it to the correct place afterwards.

And then there’s the man who is walking his trainer clad feet up and down the mirror on the wall, and the showers where people throw their empty bottles and carrier bags on the floor and leave them there, and ………..

No, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

Think about the training …….. back to calm and serene ……… and knackered! Love it!

Day 2

Did I tell you about seeing a reflexologist? I don’t think I did but, if I’m wrong, skip the next couple of paragraphs.

The small town where I live has a pamper evening once a month in a hall. I’ve always meant to go but never got round to it.

When it was on the other week I decided to go as I wanted a massage. During the massage I said to the girl how much I loved having my feet done and she suggested I tried the reflexology so I padded across and got a 15 minute taster session for £8.

I lay back in the chair and enjoyed having my feet and toes pulled, pushed and pressed …… and then the girl said did I want to know what she’d found out?

Found out?????? Ingrowing toenails and athlete’s foot sprang to mind, but apparently not!

She started by asking if I had problems with my knees, then shoulders. Well I do, but how many women my age dressed in kit, wouldn’t have. Thyroid? And then …….. ‘This may sound daft, but have you had a problem with your left eye?’

My jaw dropped in amazement! I’m waiting for a hospital appointment for my left eye! Ooh ‘eck!

My skeptical head was thrown by this and I thought more about the thyroid comment. Could I have a problem?

So today I went and saw the doctor who doesn’t think I’ve got a thyroid problem but said he likes patients over 60, he pauses to laugh, to have a blood test, preferably every year.

As it was a fasting test and I hadn’t had breakfast I went to get it over and done with at the hospital …… where I had to wait for nearly two hours!!!!!

The old, unfit, fat me¬†regularly¬†went all day without eating. Now my metabolism’s working my stomach was eating itself!!!!

Then I got home to a mess and ended up cleaning the kitchen floor and scrubbing the bathroom.


For the last year Mondays have been long walk days ….. not doctors and hospitals and cleaning!

Rewind, rewind, rewind!

And I’ve got to take Ray for a medication review at the doctor’s tomorrow. ūüė¶

I will get to the gym, I will do my program, I’ve got my new challenges to consider ……………


5 responses to “60 and 2 days!”

  1. I’ve got another 4 months before I get to the number 60 but yes, I’m suddenly finding that eyes and body parts are starting to object to that number!! Soldier on!!

  2. The Dr sounds like my mums Dr who said the same & insisted on doing various tests, she hasnt been again!

    Hope Rays appt goes quick today & you get to the gym. xx

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