A mixed week!

A week on from my last post, and what has been happening? Not a lot!

I’ve had the lurgy. A stinking cold with an accompanying nasty, chesty cough. I’ve felt awful. I’ve had to stay at home (very out of character) and done no exercise, or training, for a week.

We’ve had the joys of medical appointments as well. We’ve both had GP appointments and blood tests. Ray’s awaiting an abdominal scan. I’ve got to see an eye specialist. Is this what getting older does to you?

I used to take the mickey out of my father saying that his GP had him on a Monopoly board and was sending him round all the different clinics in the hospital. Now it appears to be happening to us!

It’s been a pretty difficult week indoors too. The life of a carer is not always easy and this has been one of “those” weeks. Stress factors have been high and I’ve had to confront a few issues. I’ve finally reached the point where tough love has to start happening! Rules have been laid down, we’ll see how it goes.

This is also the first week of detoxing. What a week to pick!

I haven’t been perfect (sorry D.) but I’m actually quite proud of myself as I haven’t collapsed completely. There’s been a few minor blips but it could have been so, so worse!

I have not had a single cappuccino. Nor have I eaten any chocolate or sweets. I know how much better I will feel and that’s helping me pull back from the edge!!!!! The dark chocolate Easter Egg I’ve been given is sitting in the larder. How long can I avoid that!

There have been a couple of good bits. I’ve now used Skype twice to talk to my nephew Harry in Australia (where it is warm and sunny) twice. Skype is amazing. So impressed that I can see, and talk, to him, for free, on the other side of the world. His mum’s told me that, when she’s talking to him she pretends he’s upstairs in his room! Bless.

He’s now blogging as well. have a look at bigboibranch.wordpress.com (proud auntie!) You may notice that he refers to me as GILLIAN, whilst all other names are in lower case. I can only assume that this is because I am the most important person in his life. Is that right H????

Today I was considering breaking the pattern. I finally felt well enough to go back to the gym. I’d had a really bad night’s sleep so was having a late, healthy, breakfast I realised that there were no high winds and there were occasional glimpses of sunshine.

I could go out and attack the garden!

Now I had a dilemma. I really wanted to go to the gym and restart my training BUT this was only the second day this year where I could get out there and I didn’t do it last time.

Two and a half hours of ‘functional exercise’ followed and I worked non stop with just two quick breaks for a glass of water

I am SO glad I chose to do it. The garden hadn’t been touched for months because of the appalling weather. Every time I looked out of the window it looked like it always does in winter. Depressing. 😦

Image    Image

Now though, it looks as if Spring may be on the way!! [Although, sadly, the photos don’t really show all the work I did but I’ve also got the aches as evidence!]


Image   Image


Early start in the morning for the Bluewater 4k. Really hope I feel well enough to take part, fed up with feeling rough.

Then to take my friend Dawn to Darryl for her first training session (hee hee), got a party in the evening and then the clocks go back.

Lighter evenings, summer will come!!!!


3 responses to “A mixed week!”

  1. Great read, as always. Just one wee point, to keep you in synch with the rest of us, please put your clock forward.
    Spring forward, Fall back.

  2. The pictures are great, the garden looks fab. My garden looks like some sort of swamp! Well done on the detox xx

    1. Still loads to do!!

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