I don’t usually blog two day running ……..

…………. but I’ve made an exception because I’ve had an interesting day.

It started with the 4k run. Everybody knew i was there because they heard me coughing all the way from the car park. Ignoring some sensible advice I tried to do it, but had to stop after about 50 feet, I could not breathe or stop coughing. Perhaps I’m not well enough yet. 😦

Quick visit to Coffee Republic where I drank water, because I’m detoxing, and finished my breakfast of ham and seeds (which other people appear to find strange), before leaving with my friend Dawn for her first training session with Darryl!

I talked to Dawn before the session and asked her whether she wanted me to go off and do stuff while she trained but she told me to stay and I am so glad she did!

Remember I used to be a teacher, and watching other teachers has always been interesting and educational. Today was no different.

The session started in the consultation room where Darryl took Dawn through her nutrition plan and collected base line data.

Then into the studio where he got her to perform a series of movements while he watched how she moved. I recognised the exercises they’re my warm up routine that I’ve performed at least three times a week for the last few years! I know that when I’m training with Darryl he’s watching what I’m doing. But then I’m busy, I’m doing, so I can’t watch what he’s doing. But today I could and it was really interesting.

I could see him watching closely, analysing then honing in on different aspects of the movement, making corrections to Dawn’s posture and actions. I could see he was making mental notes and know him well enough to know he was storing the information away for future sessions!

He then took Dawn through her first programme, different body weight exercises she’s to do three times a week. Again interesting to be an observer as he demonstrated the different exercises, took her through each one making corrections as necessary then reinforcing it by going through the whole range at the end.

At this point I have to express massive admiration. Dawn can do awesome press ups. I’m well jealous!

They ended with a stretching session, Dawn was much quieter than I am!

So what did I learn? That PERSONAL training is exactly what it says! Whilst some things Darryl did in the session were the same as things we’ve done, others were completely different, as was the nutrition plan.

Dawn doesn’t live round here. She’s going to come down and train with Darryl once a month, the other weeks she’s going to have ‘remote’ training via the Internet. Technology rules!

Have to finish by telling you that we walked back to the cars via Leigh Old Town because I wanted to go to the fishermen’s co-op (really fresh fish!). We then walked past the cockle sheds and Dawn bought some cockles. I was telling her what the sheds were like when I was a kid and then told her I’d never eaten a cockle. She persuaded me to try one. Now with this cold I’ve got very little sense of taste, but I had enough. Dawn found the expression on my face, and the speed I spat it out, hilarious. They definitely go on the same list as olives!!!

10 responses to “I don’t usually blog two day running ……..”

  1. Cockles, eugh!

    Sounds a very nteresting day, sorry to hear about the run. Hop e you feel better soon. xx

  2. How you doing gill. I havent forgotten i owe you that money but just not seen you at the gym. Hope you are ok. Alison x

    • Lol. I’d completely forgotten about it, told you I would! I haven’t been at the gym, been ill with this cold / flu bug for over 2 weeks!!!!!! Think I’m beginning to come out the other side now, well I hope so anyway!

  3. Yes gill would imagine that was very interesting! By the way i havent forgotton money i owe u, 6 pounds. Can give it to darryl cos im seeing him tomorro or could arrange to meet u at gym some time, take care. Alison.

    • Lol. Stop worrying! Leave it with Darryl if you like, or keep it until you see me although I’m not sure when I’ll be there!

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