I am turning …………..

……… into a super hero!
The day started out relatively normally. Up early, off to Bluewater, then coffee followed by off to Bedgebury to watch the Trailblazer 10k.
After the race we all sat around chatting and eating the wonderful picnic Kirstein and Russell had brought followed by delicious homemade chocolate brownie Alec brought. Sorry I just ate loads and didn’t provide anything!
On the way home I checked Facebook and found Hayley had tagged me in a photo:
Hayley pic
The Sumo suits for the race we’ve entered at the end of July had obviously arrived!!!!
When I got home I found a very excited Ray.
He’d opened my package, found the Sumo suit and could not wait for me to try it on!
So, being a dutiful sort of person I hunted down the batteries and on went the suit.
I have not seen Ray so amused for a LONG time, he could not stop laughing! He wanted to take photos but was having major problems with the camera on my phone so he decided I needed to go across the road to our neighbour Debs.
At this point a problem developed. Nothing in my life is ever straightforward or sensible!
We live in a very quiet road and get a lot of horses and dog walkers going past. All very calm and serene.
But, at the very time I am prancing round the house in my Sumo outfit, a woman riding down the road leading another horse starts having serious problems.
The horse she is leading starts really playing up, refusing to go down the road and fighting her every step of the way.
Ray’s telling me to go to Debs, I’m wanting to help the rider, but I’m also aware that if I walk out of the house looking like this:
her problems may become much worse!!!!!
So I stay indoors, peering round the bay window, until it appears she has gone far enough down the road to make it safe for me to go to Debs.
As I head out across the road the piebald again starts pulling away, managing to completely release herself from her bridle and start heading up the road towards me.
So the Sumo Warrior had to step into action, blocking the horse’s path, catching, calming and holding her until the rider managed to sort out the tack and get her bridle back on.
Talk about a bizarre situation!
Darryl asks me “Why is there always a story with you?”
I don’t know! I mean, surely a 60 year old woman should be able to walk the streets in an inflatable Sumo suit without and strange events happening.
And why would neighbours hang out of their windows to watch and car occupants faces light up on seeing me?
The Sumo run is in Battersea Park, London on Sunday 28th July 2013. There will be loads of people running in their outfits and it should be hilarious. Spectators will be very welcome!
But there is a serious side too. The run is raising money for Link Community Development, a charity that works in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda at all levels of the education system – with parents, communities, teachers, district education authorities and central government – to identify and remove the obstacles to quality education. Seems just the right sort of project for an ex Deptford Green person to support.
If you can donate anything at all, everything helps, please visit my fund raising page at:
My Sumo suit and I will be up to more things in the future, but tomorrow I’m off to guard the giraffes!!!!

9 responses to “I am turning …………..”

  1. I tell you Gill it did look very funny you with your fat suit on and the horse at your side not to sure who was more scared of who !. As I tell a lot of people we live in a very quite road but if there is anything up you can be sure Gill will be involved. Lol you do make us all laugh xx

    • I wasn’t scared! Can’t guarantee the horses and the rider weren’t though!
      Not EVERYTHING is my fault though. I didn’t blow the house up!

  2. Absolutely priceless. You REALLY couldnt make that up. Actually I am quite jealous id love a story like that. Hopefully when I don my sumo suit something magical will happen!

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