Life continues to be busy!!!

In fact it’s been too busy which has meant my training has suffered 😦

Ray’s doing well and we finally seem to be getting some help (read that as he’s finally letting people know how rough he is!). We’ve had loads of appointments with the GP, OTs, various clinics etc. grab rails have been fitted at the front and back doors and a step with rail has made the rear access so much safer – I’m really pleased with that!


Plans are being drawn up to turn our bathroom into a wet room, that would make a huge difference so fingers crossed!

I do voluntary work which also had to take a back seat whilst Ray was so ill, but I’m now back there as well. Being me I looked for a different kind of voluntary work and I found it. I’m part of the Independent Monitoring Board at a prison. It’s a really interesting role, we are the eyes of the community and there to see that things are fair. It’s also very important and I’d really like to encourage other people to consider doing it especially younger people (we tend to be white, middle class, retired folk) who may have more in common with some of the prisoners. That said, with my background I seem to have lots in common and understand where many of the guys are coming from! Anybody who knows me will understand that I don’t find it depressing and always seem to be able to have a laugh with someone!

If you’re interested and want to know more have a look at
or send me a message!

What else has happened?

I met a celebrity!

You may remember that I was lucky enough to go, with my family, to the men’s team gymnastics final at the Olympics last year and how much I enjoyed it. Well I’ve now met Louis Smith who was part of the team and a complete star on the pommel horse.

He’s a lovely bloke, very polite, friendly and happy to chat, and he let me have my picture taken with him!


There have been other photos too.

Along with some of my friends I’ve signed up to do the Sumo run in 2 weeks time.

This is a 5km run (ha!) to raise money for Link Community and their education projects in five countries in Africa.

The thing is, we have to do the run in our Sumo suits (yes, the same suit I was wearing when I stopped the runaway horse!).

Dawn and I donned our suits to go round Bluewater begging for prizes for our sports day and raffle to raise money to add to our sponsorship. Alec and Lesley joined us and the photos show we had some fun!

New Picture           New Picture

If any of you feel you could sponsor me in this stupidity I’d really appreciate it (thanks to those who have already) the link is

I had a 10k race this weekend too. The British 10k in central London.

Last year I was out and about covering miles every week but with everything that’s been going on I haven’t had time for any long walks let alone runs and you all know I’m not a runner anyway!

I decided I needed to get out there so last week islet off for a long walk. Turned on my GPS watch and off I set. I could not believe how slow I was. Ok I was only walking and I wasn’t pushing it, but 15 minutes to cover one kilometre? I ploughed on but 10k took ages. I was really despondent about it, but when I uploaded the data on to the Garmin site I discovered they weren’t kilometres, they were miles!!!!

Anyway, Sunday came and Clair and I set off for London on what was probably the hottest day of the year so far.

I have to say the race was not well organised. Everybody was in one pen, not separated with the fastest at the front. Slow people (like me) were told in the instructions to keep to the right which I did but, as it is normally the left that caused problems. There was very little music on route and no St John’s giving out Vaseline.

Must compliment the volunteers on the water stations who were doing a fantastic job, especially the four Scouts who, after a small amount of encouragement from me, drenched me from top to toe with eight bottles of water -heaven!!!

When you finally reached the end it wasn’t very clear where it was. Normally when you finish race you are funnelled forwards to collect your goody bag and the all important medal. Here there was nothing! Everybody was wandering about wondering what to do. I ended up asking a security guy who said I had to go back to reclaim my bag and they would give me my medal.

Bit of an anticlimax. I could have left my bag, gone and sat in the park then returned and claimed the medal without doing anything.

But I didn’t! I earned my medal and it’s fantastic!!!


Met up with Clair, Sue and Michael and went for a well deserved coffee before the journey home.

New Picture (2)

The BUPA run is cheaper and much better organised. Looks like I’ll probably enter that again for next year, but the British will be for Help the Heroes and I bet that’ll be a really cool medal ….,,.,

As part if the £50 entrance fee you get a ‘free’ photo.

I was looking at the ones of me on the site and was tempted by this one. When I saw the code, or as one of my friends said the title, I knew it was the one I had to have.

Yes, I am a loon, and long may it continue!!!!

New Picture (5)

Oh, I’m adding this picture too. It hasn’t got anything to do with the rest of this blog. but I like it!!!!

New Picture (3)

(Apologies to all my email followers, this was sent out last night without the photos by mistake so you’re stuck with 2 copies!)

4 responses to “Life continues to be busy!!!”

  1. loving knowing a loon xxx

  2. Love the suit and the pictures 🙂 x

  3. To one of my favourite loons. Good read as always!

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