Operation Gok Wan …….

………. appears to be being successful, and I haven’t bought any clothes!

I’m not really in to buying clothes, which is a good job really as I appear to be permanently skint!

When I first lost weight I kept buying new clothes in the smaller sizes, especially as I had the joy of discovering I could buy really cheap clothes in Sainsbury’s and Primark (other cheap stores are also available). But I hardly ever wore them. I live in gym kit. I have full length trousers for when I need to be more discreet, and I have one dress.

And I bet I get more of a reaction when I wear that one dress than any of you do with your selection of outfits often bought at great expense!

So where does operation Gok Wan come in?

Well, as I understand it, his forte is dressing women so that their good points are emphasised and attention is drawn away from their bad points. So, if he can do that with clothes, why can’t I do that with my body?????

My training program at the moment is based around HEAVY weights, and I am loving it.

As I’ve been doing my program at the gym, and my training sessions with Darryl, I have noticed how much my upper body shape has changed. My shoulders look squarer and the muscles in my arms are more defined. The squats and lunges are keeping my legs and butt in check too.

But the deadlifts have not only improved my strength, they’ve improved my posture too.

I’m tall, I’ve always been tall, and I’m the only person I know who, as I get older I get taller. I’ve also always had big boobs and hated them so I’ve developed round shoulders and stooped to try and hide both things.

You cannot do that and deadlift!

I hear Darryl’s voice telling me to hold my purse between my shoulder blades, and ‘back straight’ so I’m having to stand properly!

When I was doing my program today I was doing goblet squats, holding a 16kg kettlebell upside down in front of my chest whilst doing low, slow squats.

At the same time there was a girl also doing squats, holding a 16kg kettlebell by it’s handle so that her arms were straight and the kettlebell was between her knees.

Same weight, both doing squats. But, whilst my back was straight, my shoulders were back and my core engaged, I noticed her back was pulling forward and her shoulders were rounded. Bloody clever that Darryl, gets me with every exercise!

So, back to Gok.

What’s been changing could be down to two things.

1) My body shape has changed so much that people now see the arms, shoulders and legs and no longer notice the belly


2) My confidence has changed with every increased weight I lift so I stand taller, put my shoulders back and don’t think about my belly (well, not as much anyway!)

Whatever it is, things are changing. The ‘big’ boys at the gym are saying hello and giving me the nod of respect. A fireman did the same in Morrisons.

Although it could be I’ve got a dirty mark on the end of my nose (if I have it came from the deadlift warm up). Or it could be they’re humouring the loony with the big grin on her face.

But whatever it is, it’s making me happy.

Today started really badly, again I had thoughts about anti depressants, but I hit the gym and those endorphins started jumping about and got me back in positive mode.

I feel obliged to point out that Darryl keeps reminding me that if I get my nutrition right, the belly will be less of a problem anyway (but he also knows that whilst home is like it is that may take a little longer!)

I was lifting 70 kg on my own today. I have lifted 80 kg at Club One Hundred with Darryl. I WILL lift more.

Why? Because I can, and because it helps me retain whatever vestiges of sanity I’ve got.

As for Gok, it may not be what he intended, but it’s working for me!!!


9 responses to “Operation Gok Wan …….”

  1. Great post, it takes time to learn to stand tall & straight when your tall like us, I do stand tall now. You look amazing lifting those weights, your so strong xx

  2. Mighty mighty Gill! You don’t need Gok, love. You could deadlift me! I’m thinking that could be a sports day challenge…
    By the way, I’ve never noticed your boobs or belly. Those are just issues in your own head. What I notice is the confident way you hold yourself and your ready smile. Glad your day got better. X

  3. Super, thought provoking blog Gill. Your character, personal strength and smile stick out far more than anything else does!! Keep standing tall and be proud of what you achieve.

  4. Can’t say I have never noticed any belly/boobs issue with you either Gill., but I have always noticed your good physique and obvious ‘Joie de Vivre’ whenever you are out ‘doing your thing’! 🙂

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