Latest stuff!

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and recently I’ve found it harder to get motivated to write about stuff. Mind you I’ve been finding it more difficult to motivate myself to do stuff too!

But today my mind has been roaming all over the place and that seems to have started me off again.

There’s been a lot going on recently. We had our Sumo Sports day which was great fun. People were amazingly generous and Dawn and I raised over £600!!!! We also had a lot of laughs and some of us (including me!) got very covered in eggs!

Here are some pictures from the day:





I’ve also been back in the ‘pink & purple’ outfit marshalling for the first event to be held on the Olympic mountain bike course since the Olympics. This time I was marshalling where the public footpath crosses the course. I got to see all the bikes whizzing past.




I have to say it was not the most exciting spot to be. I spent a lot of time on my own (which doesn’t bother me) and I kept looking at this fence


I got more and more interested in the fence. It looked like an electric fence but, instead of a wire, it appeared to be made of rope.

Eventually, after thinking about it for hours, my curiosity got the better of me. Leaning on the metal gate with my right foot on the bottom rung (I like to do things properly) I leant over and touched the rope. Nothing. So I leant forward again, grasped the rope firmly between my thumb and forefinger. At the same moment my brain was thinking “it is rope” a jolt shot up my arm, I heard a crack and I saw a spark. Hmm, it was an electric rope!

This weekend I helped at the Southend Community in Harmony event in Priory Park. Really enjoyable day with live entertainment, workshops people could join in with, including a fabulous drumming one. Bouncy castles for the kids and a marquee with lots of stalls about organisations, health etc.

Whilst wandering around the stalls one caught my eye. Another volunteering opportunity and one that really appealed to me.

Apparently volunteers only need average fitness levels, the ability to walk five miles in two hours.

So today I set off on a two hour walk.


Over 7 miles covered not all on roads and pavements, so that’s not a problem! I’ve told them I’m interested, time to wait and see!!!








And how it looks normally


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