Memory Problems

You may have noticed that I can have a tendency to be a bit obsessive. This is not always a good thing. Actually, I’m not sure if it is EVER a good thing, but that’s not the point at the moment.

Since Ray has come out of hospital I’ve got a bit obsessed about his benefits etc, or lack of them!

I’ve also told you how I got quite ‘down’ and how I’d been there before.

When I got depressed before it was because I’d lost ‘me’ and I thought I’d learned never to do that again, but perhaps not :-/

I had targets for this year. I’d planned to do a race of all the different distances culminating in next year’s London Marathon.

Well I’d sort of lost interest in that. I’d done some of the races earlier in the year but, since then I haven’t done any running at all (it doesn’t come naturally to me!) and couldn’t get motivated.

But a bit of chasing runaway horses and thrown off riders proved to me that I could still run a bit, with the right motivation.

I remembered that I’d entered the Great South Run but I hadn’t booked a hotel for the night before so decided to get on with it.

OMG, it is only 6 weeks away!!!!!!

So I booked a hotel half an hour’s drive away but that’s what happens if you leave things, and then settled down to plan how to get from nothing to 10 miles in 6 weeks.

Sat down and wrote out all the dates, planning what I could do each week to build the miles up when I discovered that in three weeks time I am doing a


How could I have forgotten that???????

So today I went out and I did run a bit, including racing a 4 year old on a scooter, and I walked a lot.

12 km, then a break in Costa, then 6 km back.

The sole of my left foot hurts, it’s never recovered from the blister I got at the Shine walking marathon, but apart from that, and a bit of achiness, I’m fine.

The Compeed plaster is now on my foot and the plan is to do more miles tomorrow.

Looking forward to getting my race pack, the T shirt looks good and I have got to get the medal, it’s really cool.

So Royal Parks Half Marathon, I will be there, I will take part and I will finish ……. eventually πŸ™‚

11 responses to “Memory Problems”

  1. You will do it Gill! You have that innate ability to achieve that may disappear for a while but resurface eventually. Sounds like good action planning to me. I bet it’s all in boxes so you can tick off everything you do and see how far you have come!

  2. It is like your brain is playing hide and seek just to prove you can always acheive more under time pressure. I won’t say it is easy peasy but if anyone can do it, I sure know you will give 200%!!

  3. Gordon Bennett girl, get yourself a wall planner….cant do without one myself – get in a right old kerfuffle otherwise. Good luck with all of this – mind you I expect you will ace it lovely!! xx Lin

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