Yet another new experience

It started with a message on Facebook, ‘Would anybody like to come with me and try Hot Yoga?”

I googled Bikram Yoga, talked to Darryl about it, went and looked at the place & chatted to the staff, and then said “OK”.

So on Sunday we arrived at the class.

Before you read on you need to know that I am not good with heat and that I am not very flexible (hence the reason that I should do yoga).

Shoes and belongings left in the locker room, we ventured on clutching our towels and water bottles.

We entered a large, square room with yoga mats laid out. The teacher greeted us. When I said I wasn’t brilliant at heat she directed me to the least hot (note I do not say coolest) section.

42 degrees! No, that wasn’t a typo, 42 degrees, AND you were expected to move!

Don’t ask me what we did, I can’t really remember. We stood, we leaned, we stretched, we twisted, we stood on one leg, but most of all ………. we sweated!

I always used to wonder why people got their own yoga mats. I thought they were made of foam so that they’d be soft.

NO! They are made of foam to absorb the unbelievable amount of water that is squished out of your body, and the reason people want their own should now be obvious!

I did find that I did better in the class than I expected though. The heat did get the better of me a few times but I did what ‘Miss’ said and sat down for a few minutes then joined in again.

We finally reached the lying down, relaxation bit. I’m usually really good at doing that, but there were droplets of water running all over my body demanding to be scratched. The most irritating ones were inside my ears!

75 minutes and the class finished. 

A couple of friends who do it every week came over to see what I thought.

Too hot, didn’t really enjoy it, can’t see me doing it again (I was being polite!)

An hour later ……. I felt pretty good. Maybe I’ll give it another go.

Three hours later ……. I felt great, completely relaxed and my skin felt fantastic. I will give it another go.

Today …….

……… I went to the gym and did my circuits program. 

Well, yesterday must have unbunged all of my pores. I felt a bit like a cartoon character who has been pricked all over and seems fine until they have a drink and water spurts out everywhere,

After I finished my program I did my stretching routine and I was definitely a bit more flexible.

I could not decide if:

a) I was working harder than usual

b) The air conditioning was broken (again)

c) The hot yoga had made my sweat glands work


d) a combination of the above.

Well, I’ve checked out all the evidence and it appears the answer is C!

Will I go again?

I didn’t really enjoy it, I don’t like classes, I don’t like heat and I don’t do slow and controlled.

So the answer is obviously ………….

…………………. Yes I think I will!

I’ll probably go for a few more sessions and see what progress I make.

Just goes to show that you should always give new things a go because you never know what may happen!



4 responses to “Yet another new experience”

  1. And that about sums you up I think- Give things a go, you never know.

    You’ll have your feet behind your ears in a couple of weeks!

    I did find myself wondering if they do anything to sanitise the mats between classes, but I decided I’d just rather not think about it!!

    • I don’t think so! Someone told me they wash the mats but I reckon the whole room must be set up as a giant wet room with drainage channels built in!

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