Great South Run

Sunday 27th October, the day before the much publicised forecast for the ‘Big Storm’, and where was I?

Doing last minute preparations ensuring food and candles are stocked up and battening down the hatches?

Tucked up at home with a steaming hot mug of hot water (yeah, I know!) ready to watch it develop through the windows?


I was in Portsmouth taking part in The Great South Run, a 10 mile race!

I drove down the night before and stayed at the Premier Inn in Southampton (got to praise them up, good room and good food!). Then up early to drive into Portsmouth.

Couldn’t get to where I’d planned to park, (road closures because of the race :-/) and finally got so fed up I took a chance and parked in a loading bay. 10 days later I still haven’t had a ticket so it looks like I’ve been lucky ….. again!

Got out of the car, took a photo of the name of the road, organised huh?, walked round the corner and there was …….. Costa! Now that’s an omen πŸ™‚

It was a very short walk to the start of the race and when I arrived there were a number of tents selling stuff. I bought a new pair of Asics for Β£55 (bargain huh) and the really nice man on the YurBuds stand changed my earpieces to the right size (I’m a 5 if anyone wants to know). That made them even more comfortable than the 6s had been. I meant to go back and get a pair of the ones that don’t tangle but didn’t manage it. Yurbuds are great, the only headphones I’ve ever had that stay in my ears, but they do get tangled!

All that sorted, eventually it was time for my wave, the last one, to head to the start.

Time for a massive ‘big up’ to the warm up man. He was superb, suspended above us on his scissor lift.
I’m never keen on the warm ups, the people leading them rarely inspire me to want to join in, but this guy was fantastic and got everybody to join in, making the Mobot into a squat, clever.

Very soon we were off. The course was really well supported and marshalled. The atmosphere all the way round was fantastic and the weather, well the weather was unbelievable!

I find it hard to describe just how windy it was.

As we were entering the old dockyard we were hit by a sideways wind. The wind was so strong that, as I lifted my leg to run, it pushed it through the gap below my other thigh, so that I was tripping myself up. Even though I wanted to run at that point, it was impossible and I had to walk to remain upright. (It was probably better for the ‘proper’ runners who were in a group and so broke up the wind, we were very spread out!)

A few times the wind was behind you πŸ™‚ but, on one of those occasions it was so strong that I again walked cos it was making me go faster than I liked. Never satisfied me. πŸ™‚

The final 2 miles of the race were along the seafront straight into a headwind. And what a wind it was! It was so difficult to walk, let alone run, and I loved it! Don’t know what it is about me but the more stupid something is, the more I enjoy it!

It was a complete battle to make your way along the seafront, but I came into my own there ….. I may not be fast but I am strong and determined, this was where I could pass people!

These photos were taken on this final section. This one isn’t at all flattering, but look at the G force effect on my arm. Sorry to say that was from the wind, not because of the speed I was running at!


Whereas this photo I love, it really shows how much I was enjoying the madness of it all!


As I finished the race I was greeted by helpers giving out water, goody bags including t shirts and, the all important, medal!!!!!!
Final stop was the BUPA tent for a free massage (that really helped me not seize up on the long drive home) then I collected my new trainers and went to Costa for my skinny cappuccino!!!!
I cannot praise this run enough. The organisation was fantastic, the course was clearly marked and well marshalled, the crowds (despite the horrendous conditions) were amazing.
I am so tempted to sign up for it again next year.

Oh, and my time. It was a PB!
Well it would be as I’d never done a 10 mike race before :-).
But actually, for me, it was a really good time! I didn’t realise how well I’d done for quite a few days despite Darryl texting to tell me within minutes of the race ending!

Not sure how it happened, but I’m very happy about it!!!!

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  1. Sounds like you’re still on a high writing this. You must be so proud of yourself! Well done!!

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