London Marathon – blog one!

Well I know I can do it.

I’ve done it this week.


A marathon.

OK ……. so it was split over 5 days 24 km + 16 km + 4 km and I won’t tell you what the times added up to ……….. but I did it, which is a damn sight more than most people sitting out there will have done!

Most people I know know that I’m doing the London Marathon in 2014 (I may have mentioned it once or twice!) and this tends to lead to conversations where comments are made about me running the Marathon. I then feel the need to point out that I will be doing a hell of a lot of walking!

Other people make references to me walking the London Marathon, I then feel obliged to point out that I won’t walk all of it.

So what am I doing I hear you ask, well, I’ve thought about this a lot and I am going to Gill the London Marathon.

That’s it, I have coined a new verb, to Gill.

I like that, I like that a lot, but like all words, it needs a dictionary definition.

So how am I ‘Gilling’ the London Marathon?

I am now starting week 10 of my training program worked out by Darryl. I’m meant to do three ‘distances’ each week and 2-3 sessions at the gym. As you can see my obsession with spreadsheets continues:


By the way, the distances are in kilometres not miles. This could be because Darryl is young, or it could be because you get more of them for your distance which is great when you’re out and they are ticking round but not so good when you realise there are 44 of them in a marathon!

You will notice there has been a bit of a blip over the last couple of weeks. Yes Christmas got in the way (which also helps account for the **** I have eaten) but also I’ve been ‘on duty’ in my voluntary job in a prison (which doesn’t!).

I will do all the training though. I may walk, I may run or I may come up with a completely different way to cover the miles but I will do it.

Ray has just got his new wheelchair, with a seat belt on it. I have suggested he could come with me but he refused 😦 No sense of adventure that’s his problem!

Coming up with routes is interesting. Although there are lovely areas to go to near me there is a distinct lack of footpaths which is a bit off putting at this time of year.

But although I sleep in Wickford I tend to ‘live’ in Leigh and so my training routes are often around there.


Mind over matter will be a large part of this journey.

Today I was intending to do my intervals run, and I do actually run this one, well there wouldn’t be much point otherwise would there?

I had a long debate with myself before heading out there as my Facebook friends would testify, but I went and it was done …. as was I!


Tomorrow? Early(ish) gym session …… ooh that’s going to hurt, haven’t done it for a while, then off to the voluntary job.

They say variety is the spice of life!!!!

One response to “London Marathon – blog one!”

  1. Hi gill how is marathon training going? Darryl says you have blisters, not surprised! You really deserve a medal for even venturing out in this weather. I have been a bit of a wimp lately and run on treadmill instead. Let me know how you are getting on if you get a spare 5 mins, ha ha. Keep up the good work for us older girls. X

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