London Marathon – introduction

If you already know me you may wish to skip this post!

If you don’t, and are looking to find tales of brilliant running ability and record breaking times you will quickly discover you are in the wrong place!

If you are still reading I’m going to give a very brief outline of how I got to this point. If (for any bizarre reason) you want to know more you can go back and look at my earlier posts.

OK, here we go!

I used to be big, fat, huge! I’ve got Multiple Sclerosis. I am a carer. I was teaching (loving it) in a ‘challenging’ inner city comp.

I reached the point where I could not walk (or stand) without using a stick. I had a ‘Blue Badge’ and was in such a state that I had to take early medical retirement.


After about a year I began to take myself in hand and lost some of the weight. Joined a gym (purely for the bubble pool) and was fortunate enough to meet up with Darryl ,who now has his own business, Club One Hundred.


That started me off on a journey (that is still continuing ….. and I have no intention of ending)




Last year I went through a load of ridiculous challenges before my 60th Birthday (?!?)

This year I went for doing a race of every distance (I’d never heard of an Ultra or some of the other distances at that point) and the culmination of that, bit late I know, is the 2014 London Marathon!!!!

I have to make it absolutely clear that I am not a runner!!!!!!!! This will become obvious as time goes on!

I was talking to Darryl about one of my races recently and we got talking about another of his clients who had done the same race.

Darryl pointed out that I had to remember that she’s a runner, it’s what she does.

I asked “What am I?”

After a short period of thought the reply came “You are a challenge!!!!!”

So that’s a brief background.

I will be blogging about my training etc.

By the way, I’m going to be raising money (isn’t everybody!) for a charity called Havens Hospices ……….


Just in case you can’t see the link it’s


6 responses to “London Marathon – introduction”

  1. Wow! To have come so far and still push yourself to go even further – that is truly inspirational! I wonder whatever could be your next target after the marathon – could be anything and you will achieve it one way or another 🙂

  2. A challenge! Love it!

    I look forward to reading (while sitting down) your training & will be there to cheer you on.

  3. Can’t wait to read about your progress! You have been and still are such a great inspiration- reading this blog reminded me that I still haven’t conquered THOSE steps- you know the ones I’m talking about! Good luck Gill! Xxx

  4. Hi gill, how is marathon training going. Haven’t seen you down gym lately, expect you are too busy clocking up those miles (or kilometres as darryl would have it, ha ha) doesn’t make blind bit of difference, still a bloody long way! You have my utmost admiration for going out in this weather. Well done. Take care. Love alison. X

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