Target Setting

I know about setting targets, it used to be a large part of my job.

I know that they need to be SMART:


But I do appear to have a problem with them.

I have set myself targets for the last three years:

  • Walk to Lands End, John o’Groats and back home; Climb Mount Everest; Row the River Thames; Lift a jumbo jet (well, the equivalents anyway)
  • Take part in a race of every distance that I know of
  • Do the London Marathon.

So what is the problem?

All these challenges meet the SMART criteria.

But look at them!

It struck me today (whilst out pounding the streets doing 24 km (15 miles) as training for the London Marathon 2014, that I could have set myself a different running target.

I could have gone for ‘Be able to run 200 metres without having to stop.’

I can’t do that now so it would be an acceptable target!

Too easy? OK, make it 400 metres then.

But no, I go for a marathon! 26.2 miles. 44 kilometres.


Worrying isn’t it.

Perhaps I need to give more careful thought before setting any future targets …… There are lots of things that I can’t do like sewing and ironing and housework and ………

No, they would be REALLY scary!!!!

So what are your targets for 2014?

7 responses to “Target Setting”

  1. I read this and all your latest blogs…. You know I am a follower and love to know what you are up to thumbs up

    I then laid down in the darkened room with the wine and the last of the celebration chocolates (I had saved all the Bountys as they are my faves to be savoured)……

    Laid there savouring and contemplating confirmed to me that you are exactly as I keep thinking rollas mad as a hatter…. I have set targets for 2014…

    Enjoy what I do (which is not a lot)
    Keep a diary in photographs again as 2013 worked well for me
    Donate 12 lap sized quilts to charity hoping they raise funds
    Set up some hand sewn patchwork projects so everything is not based around the machine
    Find the knitting needles again
    Keep positive and aim again for a season pitch at Fort William with the camper
    Aim for at LEAST 4 days of walking 40 mins a day
    Maintain my weight for the 3rd year in a row
    Do the 5×50 challenge when it starts again
    Post every single day on the step and tick post on here
    don’t think I have missed anything….. don’t think you will be lieing down anytime soon to get over the shock of my targets wink

    You will do a fab marathon and reach all your targets and it doesn’t matter if you run/walk/crawl it is the target to finish xx

  2. Fuuny, hey? We set the targets that seem familiar…
    You’ll do fab!

    It’s strange, I can’t believe it’s already a year since I had that exchange with you about target setting for the year.
    I achieved 3 out of 4 of my 2013 challenges so I guess the “handstand” will have to figure on the 2014’s list! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I want to be able to swim 400m freestyle under 12 mins.
    I’m hoping to get back to running, so Feb 5K, late March 10K (or April if not ready then), 72 miles Classic Marlborough Downs Cyclosportive on 18th May 2014 (focusing mainly on cycling until then), and at least 1 triathlon on 14th September to hopefully do better than the 2013 time (sprint tri).
    Once I get into the running a bit more, as long as my knees are ok, I might event sign up for my first ever 1/2 marathon for October… still to be decided.
    Alongside this I’m hoping to get on with some lifting to get stronger.

    It’s probably a lot but I know it’s all achievable, with a bit of hard work! ;-)x

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