It was all going so well ……..

I’ve been following my training schedule, covering all of the distances (mainly fast walking rather than running). I’ve also been doing my gym programmes, getting the cross training in.


If it’s written in black I’ve done it!

As I’ve told you, I’ve had problems with the soles of my feet but I’ve now found Boots do very attractive self adhesive felt pads that are really thick and my feet are fine when I’m wearing them. So, as long as there isn’t a sudden shortage of them that problem’s solved.

I was getting on fine. OK, some days I was more motivated than others, but it wasn’t too difficult to make myself get out there, even on the cold and wet days.

I came across Virtual Races on Facebook. Brilliant idea, you pay £5 to enter (5km, 10km or half marathon) and do the race whenever you like during the time period. You then send them proof you’ve done it and your time and they send you a medal. AND at least £2 of your entry fee goes to that month’s charity. For someone like me who loves a medal they really he’ll with the motivation!

So, it was all going great and then …….. I lost all my oomph.

About two and a half weeks ago I started to feel really tired and unmotivated, I couldn’t work out what was wrong, tried to push myself but, unusually for me, mind over matter was not working.

I went to training with Darryl and we talked about it and agreed that I’d take a few days off and set a start date so I wouldn’t just drift. We did some training and I just wasn’t with it. At one point I had to go outside and get some air, by the end I was sweating buckets and I was exhausted.

Now I could say that this was because, for some reason only known to him, he set me burpees. I’ve been training with Darryl for about 5 years and we both know I don’t do burpees. I struggled through them (more like a prolonged dribble without a burp in sight), very embarrassing.

And I know what exhaustion from working hard is …….  see where it says 300 reps on the record? The second time I did that I ended up lying on the floor of the gym, shaking like a leaf, not caring if people stepped over me, until my heart rate returned to normal. These graphs show my heart rate the first two times I did it!


That was nice knackered, the other one wasn’t!

Back home I went, early night and the next morning I awoke to a stinker of a cold. So that’s what it was all about!

That was 11 days ago and I’ve just been feeling really rough since then.

We’d agreed I start back by Tuesday. I still felt rough but thought I’d give it a go in case it was my head resisting rather than my body. I set off and gently walked a 5 km loop and I was exhausted! Hmm.

Thursday I felt a bit better so decided to push it. Set off and did 17.6 km but, when I saw a bus that was going to Basildon, outside Southend hospital I decided I’d had enough! I asked the driver if he was going to Hadleigh, unfortunately not, so I asked where he was going. When he said Rayleigh I jumped on and went upstairs, he must have thought I was mad. I haven’t been upstairs on a bus for years and years. Very exciting!

Friday I tried to do my program but it wasn’t going to happen. Did my half hour mobility warm up then 100 kettle bell snatches with the baby (8kg) kb and called it a day.

The weekend was devoted to fun! My sister in law’s 50th birthday party! It was a fantastic night (went on until gone 4!) and great fun was had by all.

I now have a new injury though, caused by a pair of Jimmy Choo’s!

Jimmy Choo's

Anybody who knows me will not need to be told that I was not the one wearing them, and if I had been the situation would be even worse!

No my petite, skinny, almost weightless sister in law was wearing them. She fell over, raked my foot with her heel which then plunged itself into my toes ….. it hurt ….. a lot!


Still, that was yesterday.

Today I got to the gym. Although unenthusiastic I made myself do the long warm up, the 300 reps (admittedly with more rests) and a long stretching session.

I did it and that feels good.

Tomorrow the plan is to get out there and do 36 km ……. in my loosest trainers hoping they don’t press on the bruises.

Two weeks to my birthday and the Spitfire 20.

The London Marathon is getting closer and closer …..

P.S. Just a reminder that I’m raising money for Havens Hospices. The children’s hospice is between my gym and my brother’s house so it’s very local to me and a really good cause. If you could donate anything at all, every £1 helps, please go to:


4 responses to “It was all going so well ……..”

  1. You are just amazing Gilly!

    1. Thanks …. Hopefully I will be soon! 🙂

  2. Gill, once again motivational to read your blog…..your energy is AMAZING! If it could be bottled and sold you would be a millionaire……

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