Three weeks to go ……..

……….. and it will all be over!

The bulk of the training is done. I’ve done my longest distance, 24 miles, so I know I’ve got it in my legs. I had a mental battle at about 21 miles where I made myself go past the gym (where I could stretch, shower, drink coffee etc) and complete another loop, so I know that I’ve got the mental strength too.

I had gone a bit off the boil about it all, motivation was vanishing, but last Sunday, on my 61st birthday :-/ , I did the Tempest 10 mile race and that got me buzzing again. 

It was quite a small field (hundreds rather than thousands) and my biggest concern was that no headphones were allowed. How would I cope? The answer was it wasn’t a problem. The majority of the race was on country roads with no footpaths so it was vital that you were aware of what was going on around you. 

Although I was on my own for most of the route it was a lovely change to be somewhere different. The course was ‘undulating’ with one ‘sharp hill’. But having other people around, including two that I passed, sparked me up and I went much faster than I have been on my own.

Don’t worry Mo, faster is relative, I am not a threat!!! 

At the end of the race my medal was put round my neck. It was SO heavy but I didn’t really get to look at it as I rushed off to see Kirstein and Russell. It was only while we were talking that they noticed I’d got the 20 mile medal, not the 10!!!! I later decided that it felt like cheating at patience and emailed the organisers who are going to send me the 10 mile one! Very happy!

I particularly like the medals because the ribbon shows how I spent my 61st birthday, oh, and look at some of my presents! 🙂


It was a long drive to the race and as usual my brain was wandering about. I found myself giving a sort of prayer of thanks.

We moved here 10 years ago and, at the time, my health was so bad I genuinely thought I didn’t have long to live. I can remember being in the back garden, looking up at the sky and saying “Please, just give me one year to enjoy this”. 

Now I was adding thanks for the weather this winter. No snow or ice. Yes there was rain, lots of rain, but I can cope with that!

Back to the race, what a good rehearsal.

I had loads of time to think as I went round. Although I occasionally burst into a (very) short run just for the pleasure of it, on the whole I do not like running. This could also be read as I am not good at it! 

BUT  I love walking, the buzz of races and the medals! So I’m thinking I will continue to do the huge races, and maybe support the others!

During the race we had to keep to the left. I don’t understand this. The country code is that you always walk on the right so that you can see what is going to try and kill you. I didn’t like hearing cars approaching (fast) and not being able to see them. Mind you, I’m the person who is happy to have injections as long as I can watch the whole procedure so it may say more about me. As an aside, that led to a huge debate when I had to have a lumber puncture. Oh, and I should point out that it did not bother me at all, if I was told I needed another tomorrow it would be fine so don’t let the panic people scare you!

I now know that I need to carry toilet paper! I need to carry stuff to eat but I will not need to take water, the drinks stations will have plenty. 

I don’t like the gels though, but a caffeine boost at about 17 miles would really help, so if anybody could organise a Costa skinny cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles it would be greatly appreciated!

I have sorted out everything I’m going to wear and, by then, it will all have been well and truly worn in! I’ve got another massage booked and I’m feeling positive!

I’m now into tapering and I’m getting excited!

I’m really looking forward to the Expo, getting my number etc and the big day. Darryl and I have already started talking about what comes next so I’m looking forward to that too!

Just in case anybody reading this hasn’t sponsored me yet and would like to it’s:

I’m raising money for Havens Hospices, a really worthwhile cause!

A big thank you to everybody who has already sponsored me!

I may post again after the expo, if not …. see you after the marathon!!!!

13 responses to “Three weeks to go ……..”

  1. I really look forward to reading your blogs Gill. You never cease to amaze and inspire me with your determination and drive. Thank you 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday again! Wow! 24 miles! This is fab.
    And a 10 mile race, what a great thing to achieve on your birthday. The keep to the left thing is weird!
    I have no doubts you can do it in a few weeks time & so looking forward to each next blog post as they’re always so interesting and a real insight about how you feel and approach life! I said this a thousand times but you’re such an inspiration. Keep posting xx

  3. What a great medal & fab presents. I’d better get on with my Go Gill sign if it’s only 3 weeks away!! George & I will be there cheering for you & we’ll see what we can do about the caffeine boost!!

  4. Made me smile first thing in the morning, well done Gill you are amazing and good luck with the marathon x

  5. We’ll done gill, nearly there. Two of my friends are gonna be at the marathon singing for funky voices choir so listen out for them. How should I describe you to them – don’t answer that ha ha! Good luck if I don’t see you and don’t worry, you have been trained well! X

  6. Hi gill. I am doing richmond park 10k Saturday week. My first one since November so bout time I got another medal eh? Thanks for offer of sponsorship but not asking for any at mo. Enjoy your tapering! Xx

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