I’m nearly there!

Well it’s nearly time, this time tomorrow I’ll be on Blackheath.

The training is all done, I’ve done over 500 miles, my longest one being 24 miles. I’ve done the cross training as well, my legs have never been stronger so tomorrow should be OK!

The tapering is now over, really pleased, didn’t like that as it gave my brain too many opportunities to play games with me.

I’ve been completely gobsmacked at the generosity of my sponsors. I really cannot believe that people have been so generous.

I’ve also had loads and loads of lovely messages of support.

That means that Havens Hospices will get over £30 for every kilometre I cover!

All of this has taken me by surprise! So many people have said I am ‘inspirational’. I don’t really understand it, I’m just getting on with doing stuff. But all this generosity has made me rethink the value I put on myself and for that I thank every one of you!

As part of my sponsorship I auctioned a copy of Wilko Johnson’s latest CD that he signed for me. The guy who won it was so generous. He paid £125 (!!!) and paid it straight into my Virgin Money Giving account so Havens Hospices also get the gift aid. He told me he was willing to pay so much because his father died of pancreatic cancer (Wilko has that too) and died in a hospice so my fundraising was relevant to him.

Another bidder went on to sponsor me despite being unsuccessful (& became a Facebook friend!)

Thank you people!!!!

I’ve been to the Expo and got my number 🙂
As well as enjoying being greeted loudly by Claire from Sweatshop, I had a great time wandering round all the stalls with Richard. Got a new pair of Yurbuds (with a discount for being a loyal customer!)
I sat and listened to Martin Yelling’s inspirational talk – don’t worry, I won’t be in the wrong place. (you had to be there!)
I also got interviewed by the BBC and it may be shown at the start of the coverage tomorrow. Don’t get took excited, it’ll last about 15 seconds!

This morning I went to Blackheath



It’ll look a bit different tomorrow!

Got to go now, early start in the morning!

5 responses to “I’m nearly there!”

  1. So many thoughts will be with you tomorrow Gill and cheering as you cross that finish line. I would wish you luck, but you don’t need that will all the intensive training you’ve done. I will wish you good thoughts, happy memories and a smile as you travel the marathon distance x

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