My London Marathon (part two)

So I’ve written about my experience on the day …. this is about other stuff around the marathon.


First of all, I am famous!!!!!

Before the marathon Darryl interviewed me

And then I was on the opening of the TV coverage for the London Marathon!!!!

AND I was on the highlights programme as well!


I’ll have you know that I did pass that rhino!!

Loads of people saw these and people I don’t know have come up to congratulate me. One of the guys at the gym asked me for my autograph 🙂 I even got this message from Stuart who I used to work with!


People keep telling me that I’m inspirational. I genuinely don’t understand that, I’m just doing stuff! Anybody can do anything (within reason), you just have to decide what you want and go for it!

Doing the marathon really was quite easy ……… because I’d done the training. Ever since I got the letter telling me I’d got a place I’ve been out there putting in the miles, or kilometres in my case because they go round quicker.

Darryl worked with me to plan the distances I needed to do each week (one long, one medium and one short) and the conditioning program I needed to do at the gym. I knew that, for me, the training was vital. Having done it I know the training is vital for everybody!

You just need to decide what you want, work out a plan and go for it. That’s not too difficult is it?

Although I have to admit that on the following Tuesday I was in pain.

I was very glad we live in a bungalow. Add to that the (rare) advantage of having a disabled partner – a raised toilet seat!!!

But I knew I had to do it. I got out the foam roller and the tiger tail. I knew how much it was going to hurt ….. and I was right ……. but I felt so much better afterwards.

Strangely my left knee that has been giving me problems for months did not hurt once on marathon day, although it has since. Weird.

And I’ve learned so much on this journey.

I’ve always thought I liked to be in the background, but doing essential stuff. I never wanted to be centre stage, and when I was it was usually because I was doing something that I thought may help somebody else.

That has had to be rethought. I loved the crowds shouting my name, the experience on Tower Bridge was unbelievable.

I’ve learned that physical strength and mental strength can go hand in hand. I’ve learned that I am incredibly strong minded, although I haven’t yet worked out why I lose that when it comes to the evenings and any available ‘nice’ stuff to eat!

I’ve learned that it is really important to like yourself, especially when you spend hours out there alone with your thoughts.

I’ve also learned that I need to get my ingrowing toenail sorted out and that’s due to be done on the 20th June!

I must thank Havens Hospices for their support, they have been fantastic. Last Friday they held a barbecue to thank everybody who had run for them and they did a slideshow charting our progress from November. It was great to see and when I get the link I’ll add it here.

They took a photo of all the marathoneers together 🙂


So would I do it again? You bet!!!! I’ve entered the ballot and tried exploring another way to get a place if I’m unsuccessful.

It’s out of my control at the moment but I can hope.

After a bit of a rest I’m now getting back into training. Darryl’s got me back to basics, I want to get my upper body strength back and, after far too much snacking and nibbling on ‘bad’ stuff I’m biting the nutrition bullet anmd need to shed this weight that’s crept back on.

As I said at the start, anybody can do anything, so I can do this!

Oh, one last thing.

I am extremely proud of what I achieved at the marathon.

Whenever I have been proud of anything in the past my brain has then started worrying away at it, making me feel I wasn’t that good, telling me that I was kidding myself, putting me down in any way possible.

But NOT this time!!!!

I’m sure I haven’t crushed the self esteem monster, but every time it starts having a go I shall think of this.

front back



BTW – you may want to compare those clips to the last time I was on TV.

Perhaps I’ll accept a little bit inspirational!

One response to “My London Marathon (part two)”

  1. This is very timely Gill. I have 10 days to go to my big cycle ride and your story reminds me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Lovely to see how you have celebrated your achievement since the run and what you have learned about yourself. And what a transformation from your Antiques Roadshow appearance! Good luck with the ballot!

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