Back on track – weeks 3+4

I’ve now completed weeks 3+4 of being back on track, so time for an update.

Week three went really well, I basically stuck to the detox for an extra week and I’ve been trying cooking and eating new things.

Training has been going well. I’ve got three programs which are all upper body and core with no cardio. Gill heaven!!!!

I went to my friends John and Dawn’s renewal of vows and to the party afterwards. I had a great time and I stuck to the plan!!!! Very proud of myself. After a few weeks of detox and eating nothing sweet putting a single raspberry on my tongue was an explosion of flavour. I am going to have to be very careful with fruit!

I’ve now seen the physio about my knee and she agrees that there is a problem. She’s referred me for an MRI but says the likelihood is that I’ll need a keyhole op. I was fine with that, whatever will make it better, although I was a bit taken aback after Googling to discover it was usually a general anaesthetic. I’ve never had a general and my family aren’t that great with them. Oh well, it will probably be a long time until anything happens.

STOP PRESS****Got a letter this morning, MRI booked for 13th September, Physio follow up booked for 24th October****

So I’m getting on with everything, no problems at all. Which is good because Darryl has pointed out to me that the thing I’m not good at dealing with is not being able to control stuff, and then it all goes wrong.

Our bathroom has been being converted into a shower room to make things easier for Ray. The guy who did most of the work has been very ill so hasn’t been able to come back to finish it. He finally came to see me last Thursday and said he’d get everything done on Saturday morning. Then on Friday he told me he couldn’t come and put it back until Thursday afternoon (today).

I could feel myself starting to get wound up as this is taking for ever. Ray gets really agitated about these things so I’m always having to do the placating bit when I’d rather have a little rant and get it out of my system …….. Off to the gym and channel it into my training, amazing how much lighter those weights feel when you’re wound up!

Starting to not have control ……..

Saturday I bought loads of plants for the garden, planning to clear and replant one of the flower beds and made sure I had everything I needed for our sports day on Sunday, always a good laugh.

But then, Saturday evening I’m walking through the dining room when I trod in a large, soggy area of the carpet.

Naturally the first thing is to blame Ray (poor Ray) but it wasn’t him (this time). Finally tracked it down to a leak coming through the wall and travelling across the floor from our almost finished bathroom!!!!!!!!!


Called out British Gas who came at about 9;30 pm, fortunately my neighbour and already located and isolated the leak. They arranged for another plumber to come and do the repair on Sunday. Got to love their service but bye-bye sports day ;-(

Still not having control ………

Saturday, the plumber comes and repairs the leak, but has to break up all the new boxing that had been put round the pipes to do so!  So the bathroom that was nearly finished has gone back a few steps ……..


Can’t control that …………

Meanwhile, I spent the day finishing digging everything out of the flower bed and replanting it. Really pleased with the results but wish I hadn’t stood up and cracked my head on the fire bucket, still tender 5 days later!


And I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge. Thanks Kelly!


So, as you can tell, week 4 has been a little bit stressful with lack of control.

So what does this mean to training and nutrition?

Training has continues to go well, the body adapts so quickly, I’m definitely getting stronger and I’m learning to put more emphasis on making sure that the form is right not just trying to up the weights. But I have to say that nothing beats the feeling when you up the weights AND keep the form. Happened with the bench presses this morning and I am still buzzing!

Nutrition is a bit more mixed.

Actually it has been quite good but as I’ve learned even more I’m getting to be more critical! Fruit, and dried fruit, have crept their way back in and I need to cut that back. I’ve also been eating too many nuts.

I haven’t been as organised about having lunch and I’ve found that not eating a proper lunch leads to much more picking in the evenings!

I have been varying the protein sources but they tend to clump together. Unfortunately that’s a bit inevitable as I eat healthily and Ray eats crap, so I tend to cook things that I have two days running!

Good news though, throughout all this disruption there were chocolate biscuits in the house and I didn’t go anywhere near them. I haven’t had any starchy carbs (oops, apart from the dry Ritz crackers I ate the night of the leak), sweets or cappuccinos!!! The detox seems to have stopped me craving sweet things, I now need to take responsibility for not allowing myself to ‘get the taste’ again or, if I do, pulling myself back into detox mode again quickly.

Sounds so easy when you write it down!

And the weight?

Well not a lot of change over the last two weeks. 1.3 pounds off in week 3, 0.4 pounds on in week 4.

BUT that means 10.8 pounds off in 4 weeks!!!!

Although I’m very happy with the weight loss, it’s not the most important thing.

My body shape is changing, my belly’s shrinking and my arms are coming back. If you need evidence zoom in on them in my ice bucket challenge photo!

4 responses to “Back on track – weeks 3+4”

  1. I like when you say it sounds easy when you write it down. I’m so good at planning, but I’m even better at not sticking to it! I feel I know a lot about what I ‘should’ do but I allow myself to step away from that constantly. Goes back to your previous post about being in the right place (mentally) for it but, then, I find it easy to use that as an excuse… “I’m not ready to make changes yet”…
    Great post, as usual. You’re doing great! and I love the arms!!!

    1. Your time will come. Life will get easier for you in September! I love the arms too, got the really nice aches in them tonight 🙂

  2. A great post & knowing that you struggle when not in control is half the battle. Well done with the weight & the arms 🙂 hope the bathroom gets finished up soon. xxxx

    1. Thanks Linds. So do I! X

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