2014 – it was a good one!

So, here we are at the end of 2014 and it’s time to look back on what has happened over the past year and to identify things I am proud of.

There are actually loads of things but I’m not going to bore you with the pleasure I get from every good training session and the buzz I get from lifting a heavier weight than I’ve ever managed before, so I’m going to focus on my major highlights!

My target for this year was to complete the London Marathon. My aims were to finish, to enjoy it and not to be a physical wreck at the end. I definitely achieved all of those aims! I had the best day ever. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single moment of it. I had followed the training plan and, although the training was hard, that meant that my body was ready to cope with the challenge and I was just able to concentrate on enjoying myself! I’ve already written about the day so if you want to know more look back at that post.


The second thing I was proud of, and hugely flattered by, was the amount of money I raised for Havens Hospices. I cannot believe that friends were willing to give me £1,397.20 of their money. That is huge!!!!!!


The next thing may seem a bit random, but it’s something that took me out of my comfort zone and I had to win a mental battle with myself to achieve it.
My friend Dawn and I decided earlier in the year that it’s bit embarrassing that we don’t know our capital city as well as we should so we decided to make the last Saturday of each month explore London day. Once we decide what we’re going to do we share it with friends who are very welcome to join us for all, or part of, the day.
Last month we started the day at St Paul’s Cathedral, I hadn’t been there since I was a kid. We decided to climb to the top of the Cathedral, all spiral staircases and I don’t like spiral staircases! The first obstacle was a pigeon and, as I announced loudly before running away, “I don’t do pigeons”. Fortunately Dawn’s husband John was a superstar and caught it then took it back down and released it.
We continued to climb with the spirals getting tighter and steeper. I kept thinking that I was going to give up and wait for Dawn and John to come back down. My biggest worry was about how I would get back down and I knew that every step I took would mean I had further to come back down! When the staircase changed from being enclosed stone to open wrought iron I was even more concerned but I made it to the top and really enjoyed walking round looking at the views, surprisingly the height didn’t bother me very much!
When it came to coming back down there was a problem. The entrance was short and narrow (I’m not!), the steep stairs started immediately and there was nothing to hang on to. I knew I had to do it though and, after a minor panic, decided that there was only one thing to do, I had to come down the first 10 steps on my bum!!!! After that, the rest was easy!!!!


The icing on the cake was at Club One Hundred’s Christmas party. As part of the party each of the trainers choose a client whose progress they have been proud of over the year. As I’ve trained with Darryl for such a long time I was happily watching knowing it wouldn’t be me when I suddenly realised that he was talking about me!!!!!! My response? I turned away dropped my head and was muttering shit, shit, shit! I had to ask Darryl later what he had said. Fortunately there was a video and that also showed me the reaction of all the people who were at the party! I am so proud to have been chosen by you Darryl, I love my shirt and I hope to continue to make you proud.


I tend to be pretty hard on myself and find it very difficult to believe compliments but all of these things have helped me with this and, whenever I’m beating myself up about stuff I just need to look at this!!!!


So what about next year?
I haven’t got any major targets planned, yet!
I’ve had some problems with my knees (arthritis and a Baker’s Cyst) and will be starting physio in January. Hopefully that will help because I haven’t done ‘legs’ for months and would like to start using them again (although I’m loving what I’m doing!)
I love training on my own and have never been one for classes but, with the aim of “learning to play nicely with others”, I’m joining boot camp for two months.
That should keep me going for a while but who knows what else may come along!

5 responses to “2014 – it was a good one!”

  1. What a great final post for 2014. I have no doubt 2015 will be full of further ‘adventures’…well it is about you! Will witness, first hand if you can learn to ‘play nicely with others’ soon too. Watch this space………x

    • You can have Darryl, Skype like Fran and Sally do! Let me know if you want an intro😄. As for will power, everybody’s got it and the more you use it the more you have! X

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