A day of two halves. 


I hate clothes shopping. This is nothing new. I’ve always hated shopping for clothes. Throughout my life I’ve always been too tall, & frequently too fat, to buy clothes. I’ve sorted out the too fat bit but there is nothing I can do about my height, and particularly my leg length. 

I will never wear anything with frilly bottoms, I grew up with my mum having to add bits on the bottom of my clothes to make them long enough. 

I have friends who can get immense pleasure from going to shopping centres, wandering round looking at different clothes (that often look identical to me) and trying lots of different outfits on. 

That is my idea of hell. But sometimes there is no choice 😦

My Nike full length training trousers have had it and I desperately needed some more. 

The standard length regular fit ones are available everywhere but I wanted the “tall” version. 

Rang the Nike store at Bluewater who said they were too small a store to stock them (can’t think why, loads of space in there). Asked where I could get some, they suggested Westfield. Rang there and was told they stocked them. 

So today I went to the station, bought a train ticket, to go to a place I would not want to visit purely to buy these trousers. (You’ve already guessed haven’t you!)

Not only did they not have the trousers that I wanted, they did not sell ANY extra long length trousers – not a single pair, SO WHY DID THEY TELL ME THAT THEY DID!!!!!!!

I was not at all happy! And, as the assistant tried to calm me down, things went from bad to worse. 


-Westfield isn’t big enough [It is huge with loads of space]

– bigger sizes are longer than smaller sizes [all fat people have longer legs and vice versa]

– have you ordered on line [check internet, not available]

– there’s a women only store in London where they can make things shorter [how exactly does that help me?]

Left there and went to Adidas. Same story but at least they knew they didn’t do an extra long option. 

I can only conclude that these massive, global brands do not believe that tall women train, although the staff were telling me they constantly get complaints about this. 

Come on Nike and Adidas, provide what your customers want!

Left Westfield in a foul mood. Total waste of a morning and the expense of a train ticket. I have tweeted about it, wonder if I’ll ever get a response?


Then off to the gym. 

There is nothing more likely to pull me out of a bad mood than a really good training session and this was a corker!

I smashed it, program 1 (out of 3) today. 

I upped the weight on all three of the first exercises, and then it came to Met Con 1. Five rounds of 7 shoulder presses with a 10 kg barbell, 10 squats and 20 single arm (12 kg) kettle bell swings. I have to try and be faster each time I do it.  

I did it! I’ve now done this program 5 times and look at the difference in the times. My max heart rate’s getting higher and higher and people are used to seeing me flat out on a mat afterwards. Look at how quickly it recovers though!

I am so pleased with this and the endorphins have restored my mood!

I bounced out of the gym and I’m still buzzing now, although, despite a good stretch, I am aching 🙂

These programs are awesome Darryl, Club One Hundred is the place to go 😃. Looking forward to program 2 tomorrow. 💪

4 responses to “A day of two halves. ”

  1. They should reimburse your train ticket, and send you a free pair, and an apology.
    I only like shopping when i’m in the right mood, have money in the bank, and am not having a ‘fat’ day. Also the likelihood of finding what I want is inversely proportional to how badly i need it. So I sympathise! I am glad your day got better though!

    1. I’ll be interested to see if I get any response at all. So annoying. Helped me hurl those weights though! X

  2. I would have been spitting teeth as well, especially when you hate shopping so much. Well done on your training session though, as you say nothing like a really good session to restore your good humour.

    1. Perhaps I should do ‘virtual’ kettlebell swings hen I’m turning into Mrs Grumpy???

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